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Chapter 569: 568 Get Down

“We haven’t greeted President Xu and the others yet. Let’s go over now.” Shen Yan clung to Fu Hang’s arm and looked at him.

“Okay.” Fu Hang was in agreement.

“Miss Song, excuse me,” Shen Yan said, turning to face Song Xia who was situated to the side.

Fu Hang and Shen Yan made their way to Xu Nan.

Everyone saw Shen Yan greeting Xu Nan in a familiar manner. After that, Shen Yan chatted with her old friend. It was impossible to tell that she had lost her memory.

Song Xia stood where she was and looked at Shen Yan coldly. Her brows were tightly furrowed. She rolled her eyes and then called the waiter over.

The waiter walked in front of Shen Yan and said respectfully, “Miss Shen, Mr Lu is waiting for you at the pool on the left side of the back garden.”

When Chen Nian heard what the waiter said, she said disapprovingly, “Mr Lu? Where did this Mr Lu come from? Clearly, Lu...”

“I’ll go.” Shen Yan interrupted Chen Nian without hesitation. “You can go ahead and do what you were doing just now.”

The waiter did not say anything and slowly walked away.

Chen Nian was perplexed as she saw the waiter leave and turned to Shen Yan. “Yanyan, why are you going? Lu Yan has already left the country. He doesn’t dare to come back now.”

“I know. I just want to settle the score.” The corner of Shen Yan’s lips curled up slightly. She drank a mouthful of champagne and walked out.

After Shen Yan came out, she turned left and stood by the pool. There was no one there at the moment.


The lighting here was pretty good. Shen Yan took out her phone and was about to take a photo. Just then, a familiar voice came from behind. “Shen Yan.”

Shen Yan was slightly stunned. A strange scene flashed in her mind. A woman seemed to be standing by the pool and calling her name.

She turned around and saw Song Xia slowly walking over from afar.

In a trance, Shen Yan seemed to see a weak and unfamiliar woman walking toward her.

Shen Yan forced herself to come back to her senses. She snorted coldly and said, “Miss Song, you’re really slow. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Song Xia was slightly stunned.

“Miss Song, you’re really free. Do you think that the Song corporation has been peaceful recently, so you want to make trouble? Then. I’ll shall do as you wish,” Shen Yan said coldly.

Song Xia walked quickly to Shen Yan and snorted. “It seems that Miss Shen is still thinking about Lu Yan. I wonder if Fu Hang will still be with you if he knows that you are still thinking about Lu Yan!”

“Yes, I know that you like Fu Hang, but unfortunately, he turns a blind eye to your infatuation,” Shen Yan remarked indifferently.

“How dare you accuse me.” Once Song Xia thought of being humiliated by Fu Hang, she raised her hand and was about to slap Shen Yan’s face.

Shen Yan turned her body, and Song Xia couldn’t control her strength. She was perched on the edge of the pool when she nearly fell.

“Go down!” Shen Yan threw a kick at her.

This kick was like the last blow that caused Song Xia to fall directly into the pool.

At this time, Chen Nian and Xiao Ya came over. The two of them saw Song Xia moving around in the pool, and Shen Yan was standing beside the pool.

Shen Yan watched as Song Xia struggled desperately in the pool. In her memory, there was a woman who fell into the pool just like that.

Shen Yan was overcome with memories from the past, and she remembered them all.

“Are you okay?” Chen Nian gave Shen Yan a worried-looking glance.

Shen Yan smiled slightly and said, “I’m fine. Miss Song felt that the weather was too hot, so she wanted to cool down in the pool.”

Song Xia was wearing a dress that had seven or eight layers. Once it got drenched, it was extremely heavy. Song Xia climbed to the edge of the pool with great difficulty and placed her hand on the edge. Just as she was about to climb up, she did not expect Shen Yan to step on her hand.

“Ah!” Song Xia cried out in surprise.

With a smile, Shen Yan asked, “Miss Song, didn’t you say that it’s too hot now and you wanted to cool down in the pool?”

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