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Chapter 568: 567 Banquet

Shen Kun and Jiang Jing returned to South City because something came up. However, they still called Shen Yan every day.

The content of the phone call was nothing more than concern for Shen Yan’s health. Moreover, there was a hint of caution in their words.

Shen Yan naturally felt that Shen Kun and Jiang Jing were nervous and worried about her. She wanted to comfort them, but she did not know how.

At this moment, Fu Hang pushed the door open and entered. He smiled at Shen Yan and asked, “How did you sleep?”

Shen Yan was already used to Fu Hang bringing her breakfast every morning. She smiled and responded, “Not bad.”

“Wash up first. I’ll wait for you outside.” After Fu Hang said that, he walked out and didn’t forget to close the door.

After Shen Yan finished washing up, she walked to the dining room. Fu Hang had already prepared breakfast.

Just as Shen Yan sat down, she heard Fu Hang say, “Uncle Shen and I just had a phone call.”

Shen Yan ate a mouth of cereal and looked at him. “What did my dad say?”

“People are now talking about your amnesia. Uncle said it’s not a good thing.” Fu Hang hesitated and said slowly.

Shen Yan had always been clever. The corners of her lips curled slightly, and she asked, “Does my dad want me to pretend I don’t have amnesia?”

Fu Hang looked at Shen Yan with admiration. The woman he liked was as intelligent as ever. He said, “Yes, because those people will do something dangerous to you if they know you have amnesia.”

Shen Yan instantly understood his intention and said, “They are just speculating now. It won’t be good for them to make a definitive conclusion without evidence.”

“Uncle has decided to let you attend the banquet tomorrow after discussing with me,” Fu Hang said.

Shen Yan understood what they were trying to do. “Why not take the initiative to attack rather than wait passively?”

Fu Hang smiled and said, “I will send you the information about everyone at the banquet. You need to remember who they are.”

“Will you go with me?”

“Of course.” Fu Hang felt Shen Yan’s dependence on him, and the smile in his eyes grew brighter.

Shen Yan smiled and said, “With you around, there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Fu Hang responded, “There definitely won’t be any problems with your intelligence.”

Shen Yan only smiled. She was smart, but her intelligence could not cover up her lies. If Fu Hang was there, she would feel much more at ease.

“Oh right, Chen Nian will be coming too,” Fu Hang said.

Shen Yan thought of Chen Nian and could not help but smile. “It would be great if she didn’t cause trouble.”

During this time, Chen Nian had often come over to accompany her. It was enough for her to see clearly who Chen Nian was.

This time, the banquet was held by the Xu family. It was for Xu Nan, who had just returned from studying abroad, so that Xu Nan could familiarize with the socialities of An City.

When Shen Yan and Fu Hang entered the venue, they saw Song Xia, who was not far away.

Shen Yan was wearing a dark green dress today. This color made people look old, but Shen Yan looked even fairer wearing it.

Shen Yan only had simple makeup, making her look even more beautiful.

“That’s Song Xia,” Fu Hang whispered.

A hint of ridicule flashed in Shen Yan’s eyes. She smiled and said, “So, she’s my love rival!”

Fu Hang smiled helplessly. If he wasn’t afraid of Song Xia coming over to stir up trouble, he wouldn’t have introduced Song Xia to Shen Yan.

“Miss Shen, long time no see!” Song Xia walked up to Shen Yan with a glass of red wine in her hand. Previously, the Shen family had been suppressing the Song family, and the Song family had been struggling. Now that Shen Yan had lost her memory, she naturally had to seize this opportunity.

“Miss Song, I don’t think you want to see me at all!” Shen Yan said with a smile. She had only lost her memory, which was not like she had no IQ. How could she let Song Xia bully her?

When Song Xia heard Shen Yan’s words, she paused slightly. “I thought that Miss Shen was unwell, but it seems that she’s better now!”

“Unwell? Miss Song, you’re not well-informed. But thank you for your concern, Miss Song.” Shen Yan looked at Song Xia with a faint smile.

Hearing that, Song Xia’s expression darkened.

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