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Chapter 28: 028 Getting Splashed With Red Wine

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Qiao Yue glared at Shen Yan, who was not far away, with a dissatisfied expression. She tilted her head to Fu Xiaoxiao and asked uneasily, “Are you sure this will work?”

“It’s definitely going to work!” Fu Xiaoxiao looked at her with confidence and said firmly, “You just have to listen to me!”

Qiao Yue clenched her teeth upon hearing her words, and replied, “Okay, I’ll listen to you!”

Then, Fu Xiaoxiao took out a glass of red wine from the waitress’s tray that was passing by. She walked towards Shen Yan with a glass of red wine in her hand.

“I was wondering who it was, and it turns out to be Shen Yan!” Fu Xiaoxiao shook the glass of wine in her hand elegantly and looked at Shen Yan provocatively. Then, she asked, “How did you guys manage to sneak in?”

Hearing what Fu Xiaoxiao said, Chen Nian got so infuriated that she stepped forward. Just as she was about to speak, Shen Yan stopped her.

“A Nian, do you hear a dog barking?” Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian in a serious manner, as if there was really a dog barking

Upon hearing her words, Chen Nian instantly understood her intention and said cooperatively, “You’re right! I don’t know who let their dog out to bite people indiscriminately!”

Fu Xiaoxiao was not stupid, so she immediately realized that they were being sarcastic. She glared at Shen Yan and spilled the red wine on her purposely.

Shen Yan frowned slightly. She did not expect Fu Xiaoxiao to be so disrespectful. Thus, she picked up the cake on the table and threw it at Fu Xiaoxiao in return.

Fu Xiaoxiao stared at Shen Yan in disbelief. At most, she soiled Shen Yan’s dress, but Shen Yan dirtied her clothes and also ruined her meticulously prepared makeup. She felt humiliated.

Fu Xiaoxiao’s heart was suddenly filled with aggression, and she was on the verge of breaking down. She could not help but cry out loud. “Ah!”

The noisy banquet hall instantly quieted down, and all eyes fell on Fu Xiaoxiao.

Shen Yan pulled Chen Nian and took two steps back, so as not to block the view of others who were watching the show.

Qiao Yue, who had just finished arranging things, quickly walked over upon seeing Fu Xiaoxiao’s miserable state. She took a tissue hurriedly to help Fu Xiaoxiao wipe her face and asked in a low voice, “How did you get like this?”

The people in the banquet gradually withdrew their gazes, as the incidence of people soiling their clothes happened at almost every banquet. They didn’t have the energy to care about the follow-up, as all they cared about was their own interests.

On the surface, it was Old Master Su’s 80th birthday, but in reality, it was to choose a fiancée for Su Qi, the young master of the Su family.

Fu Xiaoxiao saw that Shen Yan was being led to the room on the second floor by a waiter. She grabbed Qiao Yue’s hand hurriedly and whispered, “Let’s go. Hurry up and follow.”

Qiao Yue held a packet of tissues in her hand. She looked at Fu Xiaoxiao with a worried expression and said, “You’re covered in...”

“I’m fine.” As Fu Xiaoxiao spoke, she lowered her head and uttered to Qiao Yue, “We have to carry something with us in the future. I feel like we’ll run into Shen Yan sporadically.”

Qiao Yue nodded in agreement and responded, “I think so too. She seems to be very high-profile now and often attends various events. Didn’t you say that she’s just a wild girl from the countryside? Did she come here with an invitation tonight?”

“Of course she did. It should be prepared for her by her sponsor.” Fu Xiaoxiao and Qiao Yue went upstairs as they spoke. They became jovial upon seeing the waiter leading Shen Yan to the guest room.

After seeing the waiter come out politely, they walked over quickly. Then, Qiao Yue conveniently transferred fifty thousand dollars to the waiter and gave Fu Xiaoxiao a look.

After the waiter left, Qiao Yue handed Fu Xiaoxiao the rope that she asked the waiter to find earlier.

Subsequently, Fu Xiaoxiao tied the door handle to the wall lamp at the side neatly.

Then, they went to the other guest room after they had done all this.

Qiao Yue surveyed the guest room. Seeing that there was no one else in the room, she locked the door and said, “Wash your face first. I’ll get Zhao Qian to bring a gown over.”

“That’s the only way now,” Fu Xiaoxiao replied as she walked to the bathroom. She lowered her head to wash her face and chirped, “Shen Yan will definitely be in trouble this time!”

“Are you sure that Su Qi is in that room?” Qiao Yue frowned slightly and asked in puzzlement, “If it’s Su Qi, shouldn’t he be in his own room? Why is he in the guest room?”

“I’m sure that it’s him. He’s the only one wearing a white suit tonight.”Fu Xiaoxiao assured solemnly. Then, she said to Qiao Yue with a smile, “Fortunately, I know that there are no surveillance cameras on the second floor of Old Master Su’s house. Hence, no one will know what we’ve done!”

Qiao Yue laughed along after hearing that. She felt much better after seeking revenge from Shen Yan for forcing her to buy a three million dollars car.

At this moment.

Shen Yan reached out and turned on the lights. She walked to the bathroom in her high heels, wanting to clean the stains on her clothes carefully.

“Who is it?”

A voice that sounded displeased came from the balcony.

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