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Chapter 26: 026 Astonished

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Fu Hang nodded upon hearing Zhou Ye’s words. Then, he seemed to think of something and called his secretary. He was quite curious about what Fu Xiaoxiao had done.

His secretary, Lin Nan, sent Fu Hang the news of Shen Yan’s car accident within five minutes. He also included the voice message of Fu Xiaoxiao telling the perpetrator to run over Shen Yan, along with the transaction records of the money transfer.

Fu Hang’s face turned so dark that ink could drip out of it. He frowned and questioned, “I remember that it was a girl named Su Yun who got someone to hit Shen Yan?”

“Yes, President Fu. There are two theories. One is that Su Yun found someone to hit Shen Yan, and the other is that Miss Fu asked someone to hit Shen Yan with a car.”

Hearing Lin Nan’s words, he gave a few more instructions before hanging up the call.

Fu Hang was astonished as he vaguely felt that it was his sister that found someone to hit Shen Yan with a car. Otherwise, his sister would not have stopped Shen Yan from calling the police.

How could his sister actually be so vicious?

Fu Hang’s brows knitted, as he fell into deep thought.


The next day, Shen Yan went to the 4S store.

She had her car reimbursed previously. In addition, the car that Miss Na bought for her later was not to her liking, so she was prepared to pick out her own car.

As soon as Shen Yan and Chen Nian entered, they saw Fu Xiaoxiao’s best friend, Qiao Yue.

Last night, Qiao Yue was supposed to appear in the private booth, but Shen Yan didn’t want to make enemies with the Qiao family, so she got someone to hinder Qiao Yue.

Shen Yan was often bullied by Qiao Yue when she was at the Fu family.

“Miss, may I know what is the kind of car you want? I’ll help introduce them to you.” A salesgirl walked over and smiled politely at Shen Yan, and said in a gentle voice.

Shen Yan wore the hat so that no one would recognize her. She had to pay more attention to her words and actions from now on, as she was going to be a celebrity.

“I want to try the 7 series,” Shen Yan replied. She checked online and found that many people commented that this car was more cost-effective. It was definitely not a loss to get it.

The salesgirl knew that Shen Yan was an expert upon hearing her words. She knew that Shen Yan was sincere in wanting to buy a car. Thus, she smiled and said, “Miss, please wait a moment. I’ll go get the car keys!”

Meanwhile, Shen Yan nodded and talked to Chen Nian about the new movies that had been released recently.

Not long after, the salesgirl came back. She glanced at Shen Yan and Chen Nian with a big smile on her face and said, “Please follow me!”

“The power system of the 7 series car is particularly well-made. The motor is...” The salesgirl smiled and briefly explained about the 7 series car. Then, she opened the door when she reached the side of the car. “Miss, please try the car.”

Shen Yan drove the car back to the dealership half an hour later. After handling the keys to the salesgirl, she said with great satisfaction, “This is it!”

The salesgirl was instantly elated upon hearing her words. She could get a lot of commission from this big sale. She leaped with joy thinking about the money. “Miss, please wait for a moment. I’ll be back soon!”

Shen Yan nodded and sat on the stool next to Chen Nian to use her phone.

Then, Qiao Yue walked over proudly on her stilettos. She swept a glance at Shen Yan and Chen Nian and asked with a smile, “Oh! Isn’t this the former second mistress of the Fu Family? I heard that you are the CEO and President of Imperial Star Entertainment?”

Shen Yan raised her eyes and looked at Qiao Yue. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, as she said, “I was wondering who was it at this time. It turned out to be Miss Qiao. What’s the matter, Miss Qiao?”

“Nothing much. I just wanted to take a look around. Is Miss Shen here to buy a car?” Qiao Yue heard her best friend, Fu Xiaoxiao, complaining about Shen Yan in the middle of the night. Therefore, she would definitely want to get back at Shen Yan for her best friend.

Just then, the salesgirl came back. She smiled and handed the receipt in her hand to Shen Yan. Then, she voiced respectfully, “Miss Shen, this is the receipt for your car. Please keep it and come back to pick your car in three days.”

Shen Yan smiled and took the receipt.

Qiao Yue’s eyes instantly lit up. To be honest, none of the girls in An City’s noble circle believed that Shen Yan was the CEO of Imperial Star Entertainment. After all, no family would be willing to give a business worth tens of billions of dollars to their daughter.

Qiao Yue tilted her head to look at the salesgirl. Then, she asked with a smile, “How much is this car?”

“Eight hundred thousand...” said the salesgirl with a smile.

As soon as she said that, Qiao Yue burst out laughing and looked at Shen Yan with contempt. She continued, “Only eight hundred thousand dollars? President Shen, how can you buy such a cheap car when you’re so rich?”

“Oh, so Miss Qiao is here to buy the most expensive car,” murmured Shen Yan. Afterward, she smiled at the salesgirl and inquired, “How much is the most expensive car here? Please give this lady one.”

The salesgirl was a little confused, and she replied, “More than three million dollars.”

Qiao Yue’s face turned pale. How could she have the money to buy such an expensive car?!

Shen Yan beamed and looked at Qiao Yue with envy. She uttered, “Miss Qiao, I’m envious of you. You can buy such an expensive car so easily!”

Qiao Yue’s face turned red, and she stammered, unable to utter a single word back.

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