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Chapter 25: 025 Psychopath?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

When Shen Yan heard Fu Xiaoxiao’s words, she took out her phone with a smile and keyed “110”, but she didn’t call it directly.

“As a victim of a car accident, I think it’s necessary for me to ask the police to find out the mastermind behind the accident.” Shen Yan said happily, with the corners of her lips curled up, as she raised her phone.

Fu Xiaoxiao broke out in a cold sweat as she struggled to stand up straight. However, the heat made her extremely uncomfortable. She barely managed to hold onto the wall to keep herself from falling over.

“Don’t call the police! You, you are Shameless!”Fu Xiaoxiao glared at Shen Yan with burning eyes, wishing that she could cut Shen Yan into a thousand pieces.

“No! You can’t call the police! Y-you are shameless!” Fu Xiaoxiao glared at Shen Yan fiercely, wishing that she could cut Shen Yan into a thousand pieces.

“Miss Fu, you flatter me. I’m not even close to you!” Shen Yan said nonchalantly. The smile on her face grew as she put away her phone. “After all, Miss Fu disregards human lives.”

Fu Hang’s face was cold as he shielded Fu Xiaoxiao behind him. His thin lips parted slightly. “Shen Yan, you’re going too far!”

Shen Yan met Fu Hang’s gaze fearlessly and smiled faintly. “Yes, I’m going too far. The Fu family are straight up bullies!”

Fu Hang frowned slightly as he looked solemnly at Fu Xiaoxiao who was prepared to tear her clothes.

Fu Xiaoxiao’s eyes were in a daze as she haphazardly tore the clothes on her body. It was really warm. She didn’t want to wear so many clothes as it was too hot.

Fu Hang couldn’t stay here any longer. Thus, he carried Fu Xiaoxiao up and said to Young Master Zhou, “Get someone to send those two people to the hospital too!”

Young Master Zhou responded sharply and walked into the booth. He knocked the two women unconscious and asked the bodyguards to take them to the hospital.

Chen Nian saw that Fu Xiaoxiao had dodged this disaster and pouted in dissatisfaction. She whispered, “If I knew this would happen, I would have gotten someone to stop Fu Hang. It’s such a pity that I didn’t see Fu Xiaoxiao crying and begging for a man.”

Shen Yan also felt that it was a pity that she got off the wrong foot today. She didn’t show it and uttered, “Forget it. She wouldn’t feel good after being drugged anyway. I’ll wire money to her two friends who suffered today to thank them for their help.”

Shen Yan frowned. It would be great if Fu Xiaoxiao would disappear into her own world. Otherwise, don’t blame her for not showing any mercy!

In the Fu family’s hospital.

Fu Xiaoxiao’s drug took effect, and she tore her clothes desperately like a crazy person. Not only that, but she also went up to tear at the clothes of the nurses who were given her injections.

Of course, Fu Xiaoxiao’s two best friends were not any better. However, they were long knocked unconscious by the Sixth Young Master Zhou. Although they were still struggling to tear their own clothes even in their sleep.

The patients in the clinic looked at them and murmured.

Fu Xiaoxiao tore off one nurse’s clothes and hugged her shamelessly. Then, she proceeded to rub herself against the nurse’s arm.

What a disgrace!

Fu hang really couldn’t bear to watch any longer. With a hand knife, he directly knocked Fu Xiaoxiao unconscious.

Fu Hang couldn’t bear to watch her any longer, and he directly knocked Fu Xiaoxiao out.

Only then did the nurses heave a sigh of relief when Fu Xiaoxiao finally quietened down. Then, they quickly gave her an injection. However, they bound her hands and feet as they were afraid that she would continue stirring trouble when she woke up.

Fu Hang told the nurses to keep an eye on Fu Xiaoxiao. He felt out of breath, as the smell of the hospital disinfectant was too strong. Thus, he lifted his feet and headed outside.

The Sixth Young Master of the Zhou family followed him eagerly and said in puzzlement, “Don’t you feel that Shen Yan is like a different person?”

Fu Hang sat on a stone bench. Then, he silently took out a cigarette and lit it up. He took a puff and glanced at him indifferently. He asked, “What are you trying to say?”

The Sixth Young Master of the Zhou family thought of what Shen Yan said and asked hesitantly, “Your sister seems to be involved in a car accident from what I heard from Shen Yan?”

Fu Hang took a puff of his cigarette and remained silent.

Fu Xiaoxiao’s car didn’t seem to have been sent for repair. If that was the case, she shouldn’t have anything to do with the car accident.

But why was his sister unwilling to call the police?

Fu Hang knew very well that his sister, who was willful and unruly, would never let others off the hook easily as long as she had “reason”.

It was precisely because of this that he didn’t pursue Shen Yan just now.

“I remember that Shen Yan was a soft and gentle person. What did the Fu family do to make her change her personality so drastically?”

Zhou Ye, the Sixth Young Master of the Zhou family, looked at Fu Hang with a look of anticipation. He still remembered the incident where Lin Xing jumped into the pool deliberately and miscarried. “I do feel a little sorry for her.”

Fu Hang exhaled a puff of smoke. His eyes sank when he thought of how Shen Yan stood in the ancestral hall and refused to admit her mistake.

He knew that Shen Yan was having a hard time in the Fu family, but he could not understand why she turned to become like a little hedgehog.

Could Shen Yan turn into a psychopath after being bullied so much by the Fu family?

Seeing how Fu Hang remained silent, Zhou Ye stood up and said, “Alright, I’m not going to talk to you any longer. I’m going to find my fairy sister!”

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