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Chapter 23: 023 Endless Compliments

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Public outrage?!

Everyone in the conference room was trembling with fear. As they worked for Imperial Star Entertainment, they were considered to be influential figures within the industry.

There were small celebrities that racked their brains to seek favors from them in order to sign under Imperial Star Entertainment.

However, they never thought that their smooth career would possibly end today. They had never thought that Shen Yan was actually the president of Imperial Star Entertainment!

Initially, they thought that Shen Yan’s smile was like an innocent little fairy, but now, they only felt a chill down their backs and were shivering in fear!

Miss Na, who sat quietly at the end of the table, instantly became excited. If Shen Yan was the president, doesn’t that mean she was the president’s manager?

At this moment, Miss Na felt a little out of her mind. She was also backed by someone with authority now.

Then, Shen Yan let out a long sigh and said with a troubled expression, “Since I have aroused public outrage, how about this? I will resign from my position as the CEO and President...”

The people in the conference room instantly started to tremble with fear when they heard Shen Yan’s words.

Shen Yan did not care about what those people were thinking and continued, “As for the company, I’ll auction it off when the time comes. After all, I own all the shares of Imperial Star Entertainment!”

“President Shen!” Manager Zhao, who was sitting next to Shen Yan, was a fat man in his fifties. He plastered a smile on his face and said politely, “President Shen, you must be joking. It was our fault before. Please forgive us!”

Manager Qian hurriedly followed suit and added, “President Shen, it’s all those people on the internet that are spouting nonsense. It has nothing to do with us. Please don’t be angry!”

Manager Sun stood up, patted his chest, and said, “President Shen, it was also my fault. Please don’t be upset!”


However, Shen Yan still appeared disheartened. She frowned and said in a low voice, “But ninety percent of the people in the company want me to leave. I think I’d leave and leave the company to you guys. Otherwise, I’ll ruin the company’s good reputation!”

Miss Na watched the high and mighty executives of the company threw endless compliments at Shen Yan as if their lips were smeared with honey. It was no different from them sucking up to her.

Finally, Shen Yan said in a dilemma, “Thank you all for trying to retain me. How about this? I’ll stay in the company for a while. If everyone is still dissatisfied with me in the future, just tell me directly, and I’ll resign then!”

“No, no, you’re the best, President Shen!”

“President Shen, you single-handedly raise the visuals of the female celebrities in our company!”

“President Shen, you’re so young and talented, along with your excellent acting skills. How could you do anything wrong?”

“That’s right, President Shen. You’re like a fairy. A fairy will never do anything wrong!”

“President Shen, you’re the best president in our hearts and no one can compare to you!”


There was an uproar within the entire Imperial Star Entertainment when Miss Na and Shen Yan left the meeting room. Following that, Shen Yan’s social media title changed from “Actress” to “President and CEO of Imperial Star Entertainment Company.”

A photo of Shen Yan in a long dress instantly became trending again. This time, the comment section was harmonious and almost all of them were praising Shen Yan.


The Fu family.

Fu Xiaoxiao was astonished when she saw that Shen Yan was the CEO of Imperial Star Entertainment on the internet. Then, she quickly walked towards her grandfather.

“Grandfather.” Fu Xiaoxiao looked at Old Master Fu in an aggrieved manner and said pitifully, “Look, Shen Yan actually has a company! I also want to be a CEO and a president. Grandfather, please give me money. I also want to start an entertainment company!”

Old Master Fu’s eyes darkened upon hearing Fu Xiaoxiao’s words. He took her phone and looked at the photos of Shen Yan that were trending online. Then, he blew his beard with anger.

“Nonsense. A girl only needs to learn to enjoy herself.” Old Master Fu replied and stuffed the phone back into her hands. Without waiting for Fu Xiaoxiao to speak, he called Fu Hang directly.

“Fu Hang, tell me clearly, how much money did you give Shen Yan when you divorced her!” Old Master Fu was so exasperated that his heart ached when he thought about how Shen Yan had taken so much money from the Fu family. The Fu family’s money was not earned so easily, so why should Shen Yan take any of it?

“Grandpa, what did you say?”

“How much did you give Shen Yan for the divorce?” Old Master Fu asked, as he gritted his teeth.

Even though Old Master Fu had not been involved in such matters for a long time, he knew that a company like Imperial Star Entertainment had a market value of over tens of billions of dollars!

Shen Yan smeared the Fu family and caused them to be a hot topic for gossip. Not to mention, she even bullied Fu Xiaoxiao. Old Master Fu just couldn’t stand it anymore!

“She left with nothing.”

“Nonsense!” Old Master Fu grew angrier when he heard Fu Hang’s words. How could a country bumpkin have the money to buy a company worth over tens of billions of dollars? He said furiously, “Bring Shen Yan back to me now! I want to teach her a good lesson!”

After saying that, he hung up the phone without another word.

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