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Chapter 22: 022 Self-Criticism

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Imperial Star Entertainment was ranked among the top companies in the whole of Z nation. It was said that Imperial Star’s productions were certified top-quality. Therefore, many television stations were very willing to buy the copyright licenses of their TV series and movies.

However, no one had ever met the CEO and President. The CEO of Imperial Star had a full controlling stake in the company. This was something that did not happen in other entertainment companies.

Hence, no one in the industry dared to mess with the people from Imperial Star Entertainment, as they knew that their president was filthy rich.

Fortunately, Shen Yan was not seriously injured in the car accident. After she was discharged from the hospital, she went to the house that Miss Na had bought for her.

As Miss Na had always been efficient, she prepared some clothes for Shen Yan according to her preferences.

When Shen Yan was discharged from the hospital, it was Miss Na who came to pick her up.

Shen Yan went to her apartment to take a shower and change into a new set of clothes. Then, she headed out, looking beautiful with a long beige dress.

When Shen Yan arrived at the company with Miss Na, she instantly attracted the attention of many people. However, she walked in front expressionlessly.

Shen Yan saw six senior executives of the company waiting for them when she arrived at the conference room.

“Sorry, I’m late,” Shen Yan uttered, and she walked to the main seat of the conference room. Then, she swept her gaze swept across everyone in the room.

Miss Na was confused by Shen Yan’s series of actions and stood dumbfounded at the end of the conference table. She sat down uneasily at the reminder of one of the managers who was close to her.

Although Miss Na knew that Shen Yan had always done things her way, she did not expect her to act like this in front of the higher-ups, who held the decision over her fate in the company.

Miss Na took out her phone and sent a message to Shen Yan with trembling fingers.

“Yanyan, you’re sitting in the wrong place. Come and sit on my side!”

Shen Yan’s phone vibrated. She did not react when seeing the message. She swept her gaze over the faces of the crowd, taking in their expressions.

“Manager Zhao, the company’s internal voting results are out. Ninety percent of the people want Miss Shen to leave the company.” The person who spoke was a manager named Tao Yue. Since she only brought out a C-list celebrity this year, she was a little out of sorts.

Many people nodded in agreement after Tao Yue spoke.

“The matter of how Shen Yan entered the company doesn’t conform to the rules!”

“Shen Yan filming an S-rank movie right after her debut is not in line with the regulations!”

“There are too many scandals regarding Shen Yan. It will affect the reputation of our company!”


Everyone else was criticizing Shen Yan apart from Miss Na.

Miss Na was completely stunned. All the higher-ups from the company were here today. Logically speaking, Shen Yan should have been kept by one of them. However, why did no one speak up for Shen Yan?

What made Miss Na feel even more mystified was who arranged her to be by Shen Yan’s side?

Shen Yan had a faint smile on her face. The sunlight outside the window spilled in and gently bathed her body. She appeared like a pure fairy.

Although everyone was upset with how Shen Yan took various benefits from the company through pulling some strings, they could not deny her beauty.

Shen Yan’s beauty could not be achieved even with plastic surgery. Her excellent bone structure was not something that could be achieved with plastic surgery.

Shen Yan sat there quietly. She opened her mouth only when she saw that no one speaking. “Are you all done talking?”

“That’s right!” Tao Yue said fearlessly. Originally, the lead actress of “The Way of the Stars” was to be chosen from one of her stars, but it was intercepted. Therefore, of course, she didn’t like Shen Yan.

Shen Yan sat up straight and said indifferently with her arms around her chest. “You people haven’t been at Imperial Star Entertainment for many years, right? Go check the list of celebrities under Imperial Star and see who was the first celebrity to sign a contract!”

As soon as Shen Yan finished speaking, Miss Na quickly turned on the tablet on the table.

Miss Na pulled up the list of Imperial Star Entertainment’s contracts. She was completely stunned upon seeing the first name on the list.

Not only did Miss Na realize that the first celebrity to sign under Imperial Star Entertainment was Shen Yan, but everyone in the meeting room also did as well.

Shen Yan sat there lazily. She narrowed her eyes slightly and glanced at everyone. She smiled and said, “Oh right! You guys probably don’t know who the CEO of the company is, right?”

Everyone looked at Shen Yan. Although they had been in the company for some years, they had never heard of the company’s CEO name.

“Although I’m not talented, I’m the CEO of this company. You can call me President Shen from now on!” Shen Yan said gently.

Shen Yan’s words were like a bomb that blew up everyone in the conference room. They glanced at Shen Yan in disbelief with their mouths wide open.

Shen Yan gradually put away the smile on her face, and she sighed lightly. Then, she continued reproachfully, “I didn’t expect that I would cause a public outrage!”

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