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Chapter 21: 021 Staged Car Accident

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

An illegal car.

No license plates.

Shen Yan’s lips curled into a cold smile. If she did not guess wrongly, this car accident must have been staged by someone.

With this thought in mind, Shen Yan began to rummage for her phone. However, she did not see her phone. She looked up at Chen Nian and asked, “Where is my phone?”

Chen Nian walked to a table at the side and handed the phone to Shen Yan. She reassured, “Don’t worry. Officer Yu will definitely help you find out who is behind this.”

Hearing what Chen Nian said, Shen Yan placed down her hand that was holding the phone and stared at Chen Nian. The corners of her lips curled up uncontrollably as she asked, “Officer Yu?”

As Shen Yan spoke, she sent a message to Old A to ask him to investigate the car accident.

A blush flashed across Chen Nian’s face as she explained with a smile, “That’s right. Officer Yu is a reliable person. He does things very seriously.?He has been up all night because of your matter. We must thank him properly later.”

“Okay, when the time comes, we can take Officer Yu out for a meal...”

Before Shen Yan could finish her words, Chen Nian had already taken out her phone and was prepared to make a call. She told Shen Yan. “I’ll give Officer Yu a call now.”

Then, she smiled and put the phone to her ear. She gestured to Shen Yan that she would be going out to make a call and left the room.

Shen Yan was now completely sure that Officer Yu that Chen Nian mentioned must be very handsome. After all, Chen Nian had no resistance against handsome men.

The ringing of her phone interrupted her thoughts. She answered the call and asked, “Old A, have you investigated my car accident?”

“Yes. It was Fu Xiaoxiao who ordered someone to hit you with a car.”

“Fu Xiaoxiao?” Shen Yan frowned slightly. She had always thought that Fu Xiaoxiao was just a spoiled brat, but she did not expect her to break the law.

“Yes, I have the voice recording of the conversation between Fu Xiaoxiao and Wang Dacheng as well as their transaction record. I’ll send them to you now.”

As soon as Old A spoke, Shen Yan received an email notification. She smiled and thanked him before putting down her phone.

Then, she opened the file on her phone and listened to the voice recording of the conversation between Fu Xiaoxiao and Wang Dacheng. Her face darkened.

Although the recording was only one minute long, it was enough to convict Fu Xiaoxiao.

Just then, Chen Nian walked back into the room and said angrily, “Yanyan, you would never have guessed that it was Fu Xiaoxiao who hired someone to hit you with a car!”

Shen Yan lowered her eyes slightly, and a hint of killing intent flashed in her eyes. She questioned, “Does the police have any evidence yet?”

“Not yet.” Chen Nian shook her head,?sighing helplessly. She continued, “Officer Yu said that he will try his best to garner evidence.”

“Do you have his email?” Shen Yan asked.

Chen Nian’s lips curled up when she heard Shen Yan’s question. She nodded and said, “I’ll send it to you now!”

As she sent Officer Yu’s email to Shen Yan, she smiled and came up to Shen Yan. She said, “Old A is really fast! It’s such a waste of talent for him to be just a technical administrator in your company.”

Shen Yan forwarded Officer Yu’s email to Old A. Then, she asked Old A to send a copy of the evidence to Officer Yu anonymously. Only then did she say to Chen Nian, “My company will be safe with him around.”

“That’s true. I don’t think anyone will think that Imperial Star Entertainment is your company.”

Chen Nian smiled as she sat on the edge of the bed. She said excitedly, “Yanyan, once you’re done filming, you should go home and rest. Uncle and Auntie must have missed you!”

“They probably don’t want to see me right now.” Shen Yan was embarrassed to say that during the week she spent with her parents, she often bumped into their intimate scenes accidentally.

Also, they couldn’t wait to pack their luggage and return to the capital. They also urged her to do well in her career here. She continued, “Besides, I have something to do right now. I’m busy returning a favor.”

Chen Nian’s eyes lit up instantly when she heard the words “returning a favor.” She couldn’t stop looking at Shen Yan, asking happily, “To Fu Xiaoxiao?”

Chen Nian really missed the audacious Shen Yan. Back then, when Shen Yan put on an unassertive act and married into the Fu family, she suspected that she was swapped.

“Yanyan, don’t go easy on her!” Whenever Chen Nian thought about how Fu Xiaoxiao found someone to run over Shen Yan, she wanted to strangle her directly. So, she asked curiously, “Have you thought about what to do?”

Shen Yan beamed brightly and replied, “An eye for an eye!”

Chen Nian looked at the familiar evil smile on her face. She couldn’t help but light a candle for Fu Xiaoxiao.

However, she also felt that Fu Xiaoxiao was too carried away. Why did she have to mess with Shen Yan of all people?

But this was also good. This severed all the ties between Shen Yan and Fu Hang.

Of course, before Shen Yan could deal with Fu Xiaoxiao, she had to solve the internal situation of her company first.

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