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Chapter 20: 020 Car Accident

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Miss Na looked at Shen Yan with a somewhat complicated gaze.

Most of the artists from Imperial Star Entertainment had passed the assessment before entering, but Shen Yan was an exception.

She did not go through any assessment to enter into Imperial Star Entertainment. Not only that, she familiarized herself with the company office on the first day, and the next day, she entered the set to shoot the movie “The Way of the Stars”.

“The Way of the Stars” was rated as an S-rank, a movie with a single female lead. Initially, the entertainment company wanted to send an award-winning actress for the movie. But to everyone’s surprise, Shen Yan got the role of the female lead.

Miss Na’s original artiste was a second-tier artiste, but she was instructed by the company’s higher-ups to not bring other artistes, but just Shen Yan.

At that time, she was quite upset with the company’s decision. Although Shen Yan’s popularity in the country was quite high and her appearance was not bad, but whether she could act or not was another matter.

But when Miss Na saw Shen Yan in person, she almost knelt down to her!

The selfies that Shen Yan usually took were just fine, but when Miss Na saw how in real life, she looked ethereal. Her skin was fair and delicate, a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, a tall nose bridge, and cherry red lips. It was hard for people to take their eyes off her!

It was only then that Miss Na realized that the company’s higher-ups probably threw their resources at her due to her exquisite appearance.

At this age, the box office earnings were guaranteed as long as the actress was good-looking.

But when Miss Na saw Shen Yan’s state when she filmed the movie, she got so excited that tears started streaming down her face.

Oh my god, the company did not give up on me! They gave me a future award-winning actress!

Although, the company had quite a few people with excellent visuals and good acting skills, like Shen Yan.

But her sudden appearance only proved one thing. There was someone within the company that was sponsoring Shen Yan.

Miss Na had secretly inquired about the matters between Shen Yan and the company’s higher-ups. The only thing she was sure of was that they were following Shen Yan’s instructions?

Could it be that they were all under Shen Yan’s admirers?

Miss Na threw away the messy thoughts in her mind. Then, she glanced at Shen Yan and asked, “Oh right! There are some malicious comments about you on the internet. Do you want the company to censor them?”

“No need, save the company’s money.” Shen Yan ate her breakfast and packed her things to prepare to head to the set. Miss Na, you don’t have to come over every day. You can just help me pick out some good scripts. Also, can you help me see if I can take on some commercials?”

Miss Na nodded, but she was not confident that Shen Yan will be able to get an endorsement. As Shen Yan was not popular enough, advertising shouldn’t have anything to do with her.

Miss Na came to give Shen Yan a car. As she handed the car keys to Shen Yan, she said hesitantly, “Yanyan, why don’t you talk to the people at the company and ask them not to fire you?”

Shen Yan was stunned for a moment when she took the keys. Then, she smiled and said, “Miss Na, you don’t have to worry about this matter. But when you’re free, help me to get someone to keep an eye on Fu Xiaoxiao.”

Miss Na felt a headache coming. Hence, she replied halfheartedly with no intention to do so.

“The Way of the Stars” finished filming according to the schedule. After the wrap party, Shen Yan drove back to the hotel. However, as the lights turned green at the traffic light intersection, a big truck came from the side and crashed onto the back of her car as she crossed the road.

Shen Yan quickly grabbed onto the steering wheel and tried to stabilize her car. However, she crashed onto a tree and her vision went black.

When Shen Yan woke up again, it was already a day later.

She was being infused with an IV drip. She laid on the bed weakly, and smiled after seeing Chen Nian. This was the second time she had been hospitalized since she left the Fu family.

“You’re awake. Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere?” Chen Nian asked in a haste as she stared at Shen Yan. She heaved a sigh of relief after Shen Yan shook her head. “If I had known that your driving skills were so poor, I would have picked you up and drove you back then.”

Shen Yan pointed at the cup at the side and uttered, “I’m a little thirsty.”

Chen Nian handed the cup to Shen Yan. Her heart ached terribly, seeing Shen Yan in this state. She added, “Don’t worry. The police are investigating the accident already. Speaking of which, it’s strange that the camera at the intersection where you had the accident is broken, so we can only rely on the camera in your car.”

“What?” Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian in awe and asked, “Are all the cameras at the intersection broken?”

“Yes. Officer Yu also thought that it was strange. He plans to look for other cameras in the vicinity,” replied Chen Nian.

“What about the vehicle log book of the truck?” asked Shen Yan, she vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“No, that truck has no license plate. It’s an illegal car.” Chen Nian got angry as she said this. Then, she said with a speechless expression, “The driver was a drunk old man.”

Shen Yan frowned upon hearing this.

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