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Chapter 19: 019 What if I Don’t Apologize?

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I’m worried that you’ll be bullied.

However, Fu Hang couldn’t say it out as this sentence seemed to be stuck in his mouth. He briefly recalled the quarrels between Fu Xiaoxiao and Shen Yan. It seemed to him that Fu Xiaoxiao was bullied every time.

Fu Hang handed a cheque for one million dollars to Shen Yan and explained, “I think it’s better for you to take the initiative to apologize.”

Shen Yan looked at the cheque and her gaze fell on Fu Hang’s face. She smiled and asked in return, “Apology money?”

Fu Hang looked at the coldness in her eyes and continued, “Yes.”

Shen Yan sighed heavily. Then, she raised her eyes to look at Fu Hang and asked, “What if I don’t apologize?”

“Then don’t blame her for finding you trouble!”

“Then, just as well,” Shen Yan stared at Fu Hang coldly. The red lips under the mask opened slightly. “Don’t blame me for what I’m going to do next.”

As she said this, Shen Yan took the cheque and tore it into pieces slowly. She watched the cheque fall on the table like snowflakes and said calmly, “Mr Fu, your way of doing things is really disgusting. I was really blind before!”

Shen Yan got up and left after she spoke. She was just too good-tempered and didn’t give him a slap directly!

Fu hang looked at the scraps of the cheque on the table maliciously. For some reason, he felt a little angry. He got up coldly to watch Shen Yan’s back as she left.

He shouldn’t have come here to remind her out of kindness.

Grandfather had always been very tolerant of his younger sister. This time, he would definitely help his younger sister to vent her anger.

Fu Hang took a deep breath. He didn’t want to get involved in such frivolous matters in the first place.

Shen Yan was still angry when she returned to her room. She was having a great night, but Fu Hang ruined it!

The next day, Shen Yan was woken up by Miss Na.

Miss Na swiped her phone and sat on a chair at the side. She said loudly, “There are people within Imperial Star Entertainment who are asking for you to be kicked out.”

Shen Yan came out of the washroom after washing her face. She frowned slightly and asked in confusion, “Why?”

“They say you don’t have the skills and relied on connections to enter Imperial Star Entertainment,” Miss Na said. Then, she crossed her legs and looked at Shen Yan. The corners of her lips curled up in a brilliant arc. “Yanyan, you’re now infamous.”

Shen Yan said indifferently, “Don’t worry. The board of directors won’t let me leave.”

Naturally, Sister Na believed what Shen Yan said. She put down her phone and walked over to Shen Yan with a smile. She said, “The filming for the movie will be finished in five days. Do you want to take up a variety show or a TV series?”

Shen Yan raised her eyes to look at Miss Na and hesitantly kept quiet.

“You’re very popular now. The price offered by the variety show is very suitable.” Miss Na knew that Shen Yan was not short of money. However, she only remembered this after she spoke. Hence, she kept quiet immediately.

“Variety shows can give you quick exposure. ‘The Way of the Stars’ that you shot will not be released till two years later. Also, TV series will usually be released in a year. So what are your plans for your next work?”

Shen Yan’s face was full of hesitation as she heard Miss Na’s words. She applied some skin care on her face simply and said, “I’ll think about it after I finish shooting for the movie.”

Shen Yan did not have a career plan at all. She always felt that she would be fine as long as she continued to shoot TV dramas or movies. She did not want to care about other things.

“Okay, let me know in advance if you have any plans.” Miss Na smiled at Shen Yan and said.

Shen Yan was about to eat when she heard Miss Na exclaim in surprise. She looked at Miss Na in confusion and asked, “Miss Na, what’s wrong?”

“It’s like this. Old Master Jin’s martial art TV series, ‘Return of the Heroes’, is about to be remade. He wants you to star as the Little Fairy.” Miss Na was really shocked. Old Master Jin wanted to invite her personally, which meant that Old Master Jin had his eyes set on Shen Yan.

The main characters who were able to star in Old Master Jin’s martial arts works were all popular without exception.

However, Old Master Jin had high requirements for the lead roles, and will personally choose the actors for the lead roles before leaving it to the director.

Shen Yan watched the TV series ‘Return of the Heroes’ when she was a child. She even told Old Master Jin that she wanted to play the role of the Little Fairy in the future when she was young. Who would have thought that Old Master Jin would still remember this matter now.

Shen Yan sweated and asked somewhat sheepishly, “When will the shooting start?”

“It happens to be exactly one month later.” Originally, Miss Na thought that Shen Yan could take some time off after shooting her movie.

“Well, that’s just the right time,” Shen Yan said thoughtfully. She initially thought that she could drill her acting skills more before shooting Old Master Jin’s novel later on. Who would have thought that Old Master Jin would let her play her favorite female lead right away?

Miss Na smiled without saying anything. If she remembered correctly, Old Master Jin originally wanted to start filming a month ago. It was said that he chose to postpone the TV series because of some reason.

Could it be that Old Master Jin deliberately delayed the start of the filming for Shen Yan?

What Miss Na did not know was that she had unknowingly discovered the truth.

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