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Chapter 16: 016 Surrounded

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

Shen Yan bought a sports outfit at the mall and changed into it, along with a duck-tongue hat.

“Okay, let’s go!” Chen Nian thought that no one would be able to recognize Shen Yan in this outfit.

The two of them arrived at An River in An City, where there were many barbecue stalls set up here every night.

Shen Yan and Chen Nian parked the car in the distance and walked to a crowded barbecue stall. They ordered a large amount of food and then sat at a table in the corner.

Shen Yan glanced at the many couples nestling by the river not far away, and a hint of loneliness flashed through her eyes.


Fu Xiaoxiao came home crying. She had never felt so aggrieved as the young miss of the Fu family.

However, these two days felt like years to her. Not only was she bullied by Shen Yan, but also despised by the man she loved.

Su Xiu heard the servants mention that Fu Xiaoxiao came home crying when she returned home. She quickly came to her door and knocked hesitantly.

“Who is it?” Fu Xiaoxiao asked as she wiped her tears.

“It’s me.”

Fu Xiaoxiao quickly wiped her tears with a tissue and sat up from the bed. Then, she opened the door and sobbed, “Mom, Shen Yan bullied me!”

Su Xiu listened patiently as Fu Xiaoxiao told her what had happened in the past two days. Afterward, she sighed helplessly and asked, “Why did you go and provoke her again?”

“Mom, I’m your daughter! Shouldn’t you help me bully Shen Yan back since she bullied me?” Fu Xiaoxiao yelled. She got so upset that her face turned red with anger and her tears started falling uncontrollably.

Su Xiu quickly held Fu Xiaoxiao’s arm and coaxed, “Alright, she was often bullied by you in the past. She didn’t complain or get angry, right?”

“Mom, why do you keep helping her?” Fu Xiaoxiao stood up instantly and looked doubtfully at Su Xiu. She asked inquisitively, “Do you want her to be your daughter?”

“What are you talking about? You’re my daughter!” Su Xiu frowned, and she thought about how spoiled Fu Xiaoxiao had been over the years. She continued, “You’re the Fu family’s young miss. How can you chase after a male celebrity all day long? What kind of nonsense is this? I should let grandpa teach you a good lesson later!”

Fu Xiaoxiao ran straight to Old Master Fu in tears.

Su Xiu let out a melancholic sigh. She could guess what her father-in-law would say without having to think. It would be that Xiaoxiao was still young and don’t need to work or something like that.


Shen Yan and Chen Nian were ready to leave after they ate their fill. Just then, a man on a motorcycle pulled up in front of them and blocked their way.

“Get out of the way!” Chen Nian shouted angrily.

Three more motorbikes surrounded them just as her words fell.

Although Chen Nian had plenty of consensual relationships with men, the men in front of her were clearly trying to bully them!

“Beauty, you look so pretty even when you’re angry!” The man in the lead took off his helmet and revealed his green hair. He pursed his lips slightly and smiled at Chen Nian. “Beauty, let’s have some fun together!”

Chen Nian surveyed her surroundings and saw that many people staring at them, but none of them came forward. She instantly realized what was going on.

It seemed that these men often blocked people in the middle of the street, and the people in the neighborhood were not surprised anymore!

“Get out of the way!” Shen Yan shielded Chen Nian behind her. She swept her eyes at the four men and said with a cold expression, “If you don’t move aside, don’t blame me for what happens next!”

Shen Yan stood under the moonlight elegantly. The moonlight shone on her delicate face. Seeing this, the green-haired man was stunned, and he started drooling.

“Boss!” The man on the motorcycle looked at the green-haired man and pointed at his chin, saying, “You’re drooling!”

The green-haired man wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand immediately. His heart was itching. He looked at Shen Yan with an infatuated look and said with a flattering smile, “Beauty, don’t be so fierce. I just want to be friends with you!”

Shen Yan’s pair of dark grape-like eyes darkened slightly. She stared at the green-haired man and said with a cold expression, “You want to be friends with me? Aren’t you here to snatch people?”

The green-haired man’s head shook like a rattle. He looked at Shen Yan smitten, drooling as he said, “Beauty, you have misunderstood us. We just want to invite you two to play with us!”

The other three men on motorcycles burst out laughing.

Chen Nian reached and tugged Shen Yan. She said in a low voice, “Don’t make a move. I’ll have my bodyguards come over now!”

Then, she took out her phone to make a call. However, her phone was snatched away by one of the men on the motorcycle. Her face darkened.

Shen Yan did not say anything. She stood on the spot and stretched.

“You can’t make a move now!” Chen Nian grabbed her arm. Shen Yan’s reputation barely improved.. The netizens might frame Shen Yan for using violence against the Fu family if they knew she was good at fighting.

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