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Chapter 13: 013 Shen Yan Has a Sponsor?

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“You’re just a village girl from the countryside, reeking of poorness! I dare say you found yourself a sponsor. No wonder you became so bold!”

Fu Xiaoxiao covered her mouth and smiled faintly. She looked at Gu Cheng smugly and asked, “Director Gu, you’re also a somewhat famous person. How can you be with this kind of woman who sells her body to climb to the top?”

Gu Cheng’s face turned completely darkened upon hearing Fu Xiaoxiao’s words. He rebuked angrily, “Fu Xiaoxiao, what are you babbling about!”

“I’m talking nonsense? There were photos of you two taken at the hotel entrance. Do you think everyone in the world is blind and can’t see that photo?”

Fu Xiaoxiao crossed her arms, and her eyes fell on the sign behind Gu Cheng, which wrote “The Way of the Stars.” She continued,?“A rookie who just debuted and took the lead role? Who would believe that there was no subterfuge?”

“Nonsense. I always choose the best actors for my roles!” Gu Cheng’s face was turned red with anger. He had always been virtuous, so naturally, he would not find an actress who rose to the top through unspoken rules.

“In the circle of entertainment, one either slowly climb up or rise to the top through unspoken rules.”

Fu Xiaoxiao walked in front of Shen Yan and surveyed her face. Then, she said with a smile, “Shen Yan, my clothes and bag cost thirty thousand dollars in total. I won’t ask you to pay for it, after all, you can easily acquire this much. Congratulations on having a great young and promising sponsor!”


Shen Yan did not hesitate to slap Fu Xiaoxiao. Then, she said with a smile on her face, “I won’t give you compensation since you don’t want it. Also, I heard that you want to visit the production crew of “Shadow of the Blade.” I’m sorry, but the crew refuses visitors!”

When Shen Yan was filming, she heard people mentioning that Fu Xiaoxiao visited the set of “Shadow of the Blade” often to chase after Xu Qing.

“What do you mean?” Fu Xiaoxiao glared at Shen Yan fiercely.

Shen Yan moved closer to Fu Xiaoxiao’s ear and lowered her voice, “Nothing much. By the way, I don’t think Xu Qing will ever get with you.”

Xu Qing signed under Imperial Star Entertainment as an artist. He would definitely not dare to have anything to do with Fu Xiaoxiao as long as Shen Yan said so.

Without waiting for Fu Xiaoxiao’s response, Shen Yan took out her phone and sent a message to the director of “Shadow of the Blade” and Xu Qing. Then, she headed back to the set with Gu Cheng.

“You’d better explain it to me clearly!” Fu Xiaoxiao shouted at Shen Yan’s back. She wanted to chase after her, but she was stopped by the security guard.

Fu Xiaoxiao angrily shook off the security guard in front of her when she could not see the silhouette of Shen Yan any more. Then, she turned to walk toward the “Shadow of the Blade” production set.

She saw Director Wang walking out from the set when she just reached the entrance.

“Director Wang,” Fu Xiaoxiao smiled and walked up to him. She said cheerfully, “You’ve worked hard on the shoot today! Why don’t I treat everyone...”

“Miss Fu,” Director Wang scratched the back of his head in a dilemma. He said helplessly, “I’m sorry, but our crew doesn’t allow visits now.”

Then, he ran back to the set without looking back after he finished speaking. It was as if a fierce beast was chasing behind him.

Fu Xiaoxiao still wanted to enter, but she was stopped by the security guard again.

The onlookers gradually dispersed. Fu Xiaoxiao stood there alone with her arms crossed over her chest. She stomped her feet in a fit, and her high heels made a sharp sound on the bluestone.

Afterward, Fu Xiaoxiao lifted her feet and walked to her car. She sat in the car and took out her phone to search for Director Wang. She just realized that Director Wang was also from Imperial Star Entertainment.

Shen Yan was just a rookie actress. How could she order Director Wang around?

She originally thought that Gu Cheng was Shen Yan’s sponsor, but now it seemed that she was wrong.

Fu Xiaoxiao called Fu Hang hurriedly. When she saw her second brother answer her call, she blurted out hastily, “Second brother, Shen Yan is being kept by an executive from Imperial Star Entertainment!”

In the Fu Corporation.

Fu Hang was sitting in his office. He held his phone with his left hand and typed on the keyboard with his right hand. He was stunned upon hearing what Fu Xiaoxiao had said, and he asked, “What?”

“Second brother, this matter is rather complicated! To make a long story short, Shen Yan can direct Director Wang around.” Fu Xiaoxiao’s hurried voice came from the phone.

“It must be her sponsor who did it. Let me tell you, Shen Yan is filming as the female lead! Doesn’t this imply that she has a sponsor?”

Fu Hang’s eyes darkened slightly. He pursed his lips tightly and after a while, he said, “Okay.”

“Second brother, you’d better blacklist Shen Yan as soon as possible! This saves her from prancing around and being an eyesore all day long!” Fu Xiaoxiao felt even more upset when she remembered that not seeing Xu Qing this morning. She pouted and said coquettishly, “Also, she...”

“Du Du Du...”

Fu Xiaoxiao looked at the hung-up call. She got more irritated and threw her phone into the passenger seat.. Then, she glanced outside her car window in exasperation.

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