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Chapter 12: 012 Male Lover

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Sister, I want to be your lover.” The tips of Lu Yu’s ears slightly reddened. As he was afraid that he would be too embarrassed to say such bashful words again, he quickly added, “I will be extremely obedient.”


Shen Yan stared at Lu Yu in shock. She was stunned for a moment, and only after a while did she realize what Lu Yu meant by a lover.

When did she ask him to be her lover?

She hadn’t said anything?

But the bashful look on Lu Yu’s face...

Did Chen Nian tell him that?

Chen Nian was really such a crone! Her mind was filled with improper things.

“Lu Yu, you are studying finance. Therefore, I want you to help me manage my property in the future and be my investment advisor,” Shen Yan explained impatiently. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that she managed to convince Lu Yu. “Talented people should be used in the right place.”

Lu Yu’s black eyes lit up instantly. He looked at Shen Yan brightly and nodded his head vigorously. “Yes, I’m willing!”

Therefore, Shen Yan called her manager, Miss Na, on the spot and asked her to sign the contract with Lu Yu. After sending Lu Yu off, she walked to Chen Nian’s room quickly.

Chen Nian had just gotten up. Her hair was combed neatly, and she looked energetic. Then, she winked at Shen Yan playfully and questioned, “How was he?”

“Chen Nian, you’ll lead that child down the wrong path.” Shen Yan looked at Chen Nian helplessly. She said with disdain, “Stop thinking about finding me a man all day long.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop looking,” Chen Nian replied perfunctorily. In her mind, she was thinking about teaching Lu Yu more about how to seduce women. “You should head to the set soon. I’ll give you a ride!”

Shen Yan nodded as she had not bought her car yet. As she had been using Chen Nian’s car all this time, she hadn’t thought about buying a car at all.

Chen Nian dropped Shen Yan off at the set. She sat in the driver’s seat and whistled at Shen Yan, smiling. She uttered, “Yanyan, I’ve investigated Lu Yu and found out he hasn’t been in a relationship before. He’s very pure!”

“Shut up!” Shen Yan reached out to hit Chen Nian’s arm, but Chen Nian slammed the window shut. Subsequently, she stepped on the gas and sped away.

Shen Yan walked toward the set. She planned to settle the score with Chen Nian later.

Coincidentally, as soon as Shen Yan arrived at the set, she bumped into Fu Xiaoxiao.

Fu Xiaoxiao was going to visit the production team of “Shadow of the Blade”, the drama next door to “The Way of the Stars.” In addition, she was currently pursuing the male lead, Xu Qing.

Fu Xiaoxiao was baffled for a moment when she spotted Shen Yan. Then, she walked over furiously and bellowed, “Shen Yan, what are you doing here?”

Shen Yan frowned slightly and did not say anything. She turned away and planned to walk past her.

Fu Xiaoxiao was not going to let Shen Yan go so easily. As she had lost face at the auction previously, she wanted to use this opportunity to get back at her.

“Did you not hear me calling you?” Fu Xiaoxiao grabbed Shen Yan’s arm and stepped forward. She looked at Shen Yan coldly and demanded, “Are you deaf or blind?”

Many people started gathering around over the commotion as many production crews filmed at this location.

“I just don’t want to talk to someone dumb.” Shen Yan pushed Fu Xiaoxiao’s hand away and replied coldly. She really didn’t want to waste time on someone as insignificant as Fu Xiaoxiao.

Gu Cheng was originally reading the script in the set, as today’s scenes were more important. As he was thinking about how to rationalize his time, he heard people saying that Shen Yan was getting bullied. He walked out quickly.

“Fu Xiaoxiao, what are you doing?” Gu Cheng strode to Shen Yan and shielded her behind him. He looked at Fu Xiaoxiao sullenly. “Why? Are you not a fan of Xu Qing anymore and is a fan of Yanyan now?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? She...” Fu Xiaoxiao was a well-respected young lady in An City. Usually, she bullied others and no one else could bully her. An idea flashed past her mind and she said, “Shen Yan scratched my bag. I’m settling the scores with her!”

Gu Cheng frowned and was about to speak, but he was pulled aside by Shen Yan.

Shen Yan smiled and looked at Fu Xiaoxiao without blinking.

Fu Xiaoxiao felt uncomfortable by Shen Yan’s sharp gaze. She turned her head to the side and said coldly, “Shen Yan, why are you looking at me like that? You dare to do it, but you don’t dare to admit it! I didn’t expect you to be a coward!”

“I scratched your bag?” As Shen Yan said that, she stepped forward and pulled down Fu Xiaoxiao’s bag. Then, she used the diamond ring on her hand to cut Fu Xiaoxiao’s bag viciously. Not only that, but she also yanked off her coat, and tore it into two pieces on the spot.

Fu Xiaoxiao was completely stunned. She looked at Shen Yan in disbelief, as she did not expect Shen Yan to become so aggressive. She said angrily, “Second brother will definitely not like you if you treat me like this.”

Shen Yan smiled and said, “I have abandoned your second brother, and I don’t care whether he likes me or not.”

Fu Xiaoxiao’s gaze fell on Shen Yan, then on Gu Cheng.. She suddenly understood something.

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