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Chapter 11: 011 Life Assistant

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Fu Hang entered the bar in a suit with an indifferent expression. He had an upright figure, and his cold and dignified temperament attracted the attention of many young girls who were drinking near him.

A bold young girl directly stopped Fu Hang and asked with a smile, “Sir, can you give me your socials?”

Fu Hang glanced at the young girl indifferently. Then, he turned his head and walked to the VIP area. Just as he was about to sit, he saw Shen Yan talking and laughing with a man from afar.

In the past, Shen Yan was very docile in front of him. She was like a little white rabbit.

But now, Shen Yan was like a hedgehog. She would not let people who dared to mess with her off the hook lightly.

His eyes slightly sank when he saw the face that looked somewhat familiar sitting next to Shen Yan clearly. Afterward, he left the bar with a grim look on his face. A gloomy aura surrounded him.


Shen Yan looked at the student in front of her and said helplessly, “How about this? I’ll lend you the money first...”

Chen Nian hastily covered Shen Yan’s mouth before she could finish her sentence and whispered, “Yanyan, you’re going to exert a bad influence over this child like this. What if he learns to freeload?”

Somehow, Shen Yan actually felt that what Chen Nian was logical.

Subsequently, Chen Nian smiled at Lu Yu and said, “You can be her life assistant since my Yanyan wants to be a celebrity in the future! Yanyan’s manager, Miss Na, will take you on later.”

Lu Yu thanked them gratefully. Then, he stood up and bowed solemnly towards them. His voice choked up a little, and he said, “Thank you, Miss Shen. Thank you, Miss Chen.”

Chen Nian was very satisfied with Lu Yu’s attitude. She nodded with a smile and said, “Alright, you can go back now. I will send you the hotel we are staying at later.”

After sending Lu Yu away, Chen Nian tilted her head and glanced at Shen Yan. The corners of her lips curled up slightly, and a smile tinged on her face. She asked, “Not bad, right? His looks are fitting to your standards, right?”

Shen Yan smiled and did not say anything.

Originally, everyone thought that she liked Fu Hang because of his face, but it was not the case.

She still remembered accidentally spraining her ankle when she went to the temple to offer incense three years ago. It was Fu Hang who helped to massage her foot. He left after she was all right.

However, Fu Hang might never recall this incident.

Shen Yan was no longer in the mood to play in the bar. She dragged Chen Nian back as she had to go back and study the script properly. She needed to brew up emotions, as she knew that acting was not just about saying the lines.

When Shen Yan woke up the next day and opened the door of her hotel room, she saw Lu Yu standing outside with breakfast in his hand.

“Sister Shen,” Lu Yu smiled and looked at Shen Yan. Two deep dimples appeared on the side of his face when he smiled. He looked bright and sunny. “Miss Na asked me to bring it here.”

Shen Yan frowned slightly and asked, “Don’t you have classes today?”

“I don’t have classes on Saturday,” Lu Yu answered honestly. He had the fresh aura of a student. “Miss Na have communicated with me. As long as I don’t have class, I can come over and take care of Sister Shen.”

Shen Yan turned and walked in, gesturing for Lu Yu to come in.

Lu Yu looked down at his dirty shoes and hesitated.

“Come in!” Shen Yan smiled at Lu Yu and said, “The cleaning lady will come over to clean up later.”

Lu Yu walked in with the breakfast and closed the door. Then, he placed the breakfast on the table and stood at the side nervously.

Miss Chen sent him a message last night asking him to climb into Shen Yan’s bed sooner.

Lu Yu frowned and was at a loss as to what to do. Lu Yu was afraid that he would displease her if he attempted that. However, if he did not do so, Miss Chen would definitely scold him again.

“Have you eaten breakfast?” Shen Yan took the breakfast out and raised her eyes to look at Lu Yu.

“Yes, I have,” Lu Yu stammered. Then, he lowered his head immediately and stood there, not daring to look at Shen Yan.

Shen Yan did not think too much about it. She told Lu Yu to sit down freely, and she started eating while looking at her phone. When she finished eating, she saw Lu Yu standing with a frown on his face. He looked very troubled.

“How is Auntie’s illness?” Shen Yan thought that Lu Yu was worried about his mother’s condition and asked with concern.

“The doctor said that the surgery will be in a month,” Lu Yu said quickly while throwing away the unrealistic fantasy he had in his mind.

Shen Yan looked at Lu Yu without blinking. She smiled and said, “I thought about it last night. You’re still studying, so it’s not suitable for you to be my assistant. However, I can lend you the money first. You can work for me after you graduate. As for the contract, I’ll let Miss Na draft it later. What do you think?”

Lu Yu assumed that Shen Yan felt that he was too young.. He knew that Chen Nian wanted him to be Shen Yan’s lover instead of an assistant.

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