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Abyss Domination

Chapter 529 - The Rise (6)

Chapter 529: Chapter 64 The Rise (6)

Solon had a better view of the battlefield after he moved back a little.

A group of ghouls rushed out from the flank of the demon army. Somehow they appeared on the battlefield; maybe there was a teleportation array in the camp. The impact of the ghouls directly destroyed the flanks of the Succubus army. By the time Solon retreated to the rear, the demons of his own camp had broken up. Originally, the command of the demons was very chaotic. Now that the number of enemies had become greater, the low-level demons began to flee.

The battlefield was like a show.

If these demonic armies were pulled out, they could easily trample over the army of a kingdom without any commander. After all, in the bottomless abyss, even the lowest Dretch had the same power as a low-grade human profession.

The biggest feature of the abyssal war was that there were many weak demons, a large number of them. Of course, the vast majority of the army consisted of low-level demons, and the real decisive combat power was the medium and high-level demons.

The battle continued on.

The demonic army sizes on both sides had been seriously reduced, with more than 5000 casualties, some of them in the hands of the enemy, and some of them friendly.

This was unavoidable!

This was the merciless Abyss. Not only did the demons have to be careful about the enemy in front, but they also had to be careful of friendly attacks.

Solon saw a demonic sorcerer throwing fireballs into the crowd, killing enemies and friendlies.

Solon, who had recently mutated, attracted much attention.

At this time, however, the demon overseers did not care because the number of enemies they saw was near twice the numbers they had. These demon overseers had already run away.

The Glabrezu commander did not fight at all and ran immediately when he saw things were not right!

Behind them were howling enemies, Hezrous, and many Ghouls and Gnolls. If they were slow, they would be killed or captured.

“What is this battle?”

Solon had to run now.

Intuition told him that things were not so simple. The Succubus Queen was always very good at playing tricks. At least Glorious Nuns would be in charge of commanding the demon army here; it was impossible to send an army to die so easily.

Sure enough!

There was smoke coming from somewhere far; it seemed that a battle had started.

At this time, the Glabrezu in front finally stopped, then turned around and rushed directly to the Gnoll army. Then, the glow of a teleportation door appeared on the side. The first figure to appear was a Succubus in full armor. It was estimated that only the Succubus looked like humans. These Succubus that wore black shining armor were enchanting and tempting. They came in a battle formation and were led by a Succubus Executioner; the whips in their hands were able to strip flesh directly.

The Hezrou was in the frontlines.

Their heavy bodies began to collide with the enemy. One by one, the Succubus cast their spells. The weak demons were enchanted on the spot and turned on their own.

The Succubus army that appeared from the portal began a counter-attack; their formation had cut the battlefield into two.

Solon just looked at the situation and realized that the military discipline of both sides was not at the same level. It seemed that it was true that the Succubus queen had shifted her alignment to lawful because the Succubus army was the embodiment of absolute order. It was precisely because the Succubus queen began to incline to the lawful camp that she was able to train such a powerful army and rise rapidly in the abyss!

A glow of divine power appeared.

Powerful energy went into Solon and healed some of his wounds.


Solon was shocked. He had never seen demons using divinity during the Avatar Crisis because all the gods had lost their power at that time. Since the Avatar Crisis had not happened, the demons could still use their divine skills. This meant only one thing, the Succubus Queen, Malcanthet, could still give her believers divine power!

The hot priests had appeared!

These charming and voluptuous priests not only reduced the casualties of the demons but also raised their morale!

Demon elite guards surrounded the Succubus priests. They would not directly join in the battle. It seemed that there were few demons who had the ability to become priests; they were very rare strategic arms.

Countless magic glows were seen.

The figure of the Nalfeshnee also appeared on the battlefield. Three giant Retrievers, like tanks, ran into the battlefield. These giant spiders weighing 6500 pounds were the nightmare of the low-level demons. The middle and high-grade demons joined in the battle and surrounded tens of thousands of enemies with less than one or two hundred demons. The figure of a powerful Succubus appeared, she was flying in the air and seemed to want to eat up all the demon troops of Yeenoghu!

This was a slaughter.

This change of tide surprised Solon, but it did not affect his slaughter of demons.

“Flame Body!”

Solon’s body was ablaze with flames. In a flash, he turned into a burning humanoid demon. Nearby demons kept their distance because even they would be hurt by the flames.

Solon rushed out.

This was a feeling he never had before. It was a very refreshing crushing battle. He only needed to avoid those powerful demons and run around those low-grade demons to burn them to death!

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