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Abyss Domination

Chapter 528 - The Rise (5)

Chapter 528: Chapter 63 The Rise (5)

Pain and burn!

Solon’s body became a burning humanoid shape. The burning blood of the fire demon flowed on his skin and then infiltrated into his body little by little along with the mysterious demon’s tattoo. Then, there was more pain; it seemed that the burning was not only inside the skin but also his muscles, blood, and bones began to burn. Solon’s breath had flames coming out slowly; his bones were growing and cracking, and his figure became a humanoid adult form.

A row data appeared in front of him:

“Killed middle-grade fire demon!…”

“Extracting demon bloodline!…”

“You’ve gained 36 demon power!… Current body unable to absorb Soul Energy!… Soul Energy transformation!… Returning 1200 Slaughter EXP!…”

“Demon bloodline activated!…”

“Mutation occurred!… [Dretch] form upgraded!…”

“Demon bloodline activated!…”

“Mutation occurred!… inefficient power!… Evolution failed!… Demon power transforming!… Evolving the current demon form!…”

“[Dretch] small creature becomes medium creature!… Basic Health increased by 10!… Demon Life Force strengthened!…”

“Unknown bloodline mutating!…”

“[Dretch] form evolving!… Evolving demon form!…”

“Mastering special gifted talent [Flame Body]!”

“Bloodline mutation occurred!… [Dretch] form upgraded to [Dretch] elite form!…”

Not enough power!

Solon soon found that the power provided by the fire demon could not make him advance into a fire demon form. Instead, the demon’s power changed his original form, directly leading to his body size changing from a small creature to a medium-sized creature. A stream of hot power was still pouring into the body. A mysterious demon tattoo appeared on Solon’s dark red skin. His whole body was burning continuously, and hot air was pouring out in all directions.

Elite form.

This seemed to be the ability possessed by the monster template. Some powerful monsters could continue to advance on the original basis and eventually become BOSS grade creatures.

Just like how on the second layer of the Abyss, there was a legendary Dretch Sorcerer!

That creature was a BOSS grade demon.


A foot stepped out of the raging fire, and then Solon, who was nearly doubled in size, walked directly out of the flames.

His whole person seemed to be changed!

There were many mysterious demon runes on his dark red skin, and there were still flames on the surface of his arms and body. His whole body exuded a burning aura; his breath was also accompanied by the rolling heatwave. Even the earth under his feet gradually became burnt.

Flame Body!

Even though he did not evolve into a fire demon, he still gained a new gifted ability [Flame Body].

“Flame Body [Gifted ability]: because of some special mutation, you have gained a strong body of flame. From now on, you will be immune to any fire damage. After fully activating this talent, you will be surrounded by a burning flame. Any target close to you will receive 10 fire damage. This ability damages friends or foes; the power of fire will burn everything around you!”

This was the most basic ability of the Fire Balor.

Although Solon could not match the 30-50 fire damage per second of a Fire Balor, as an advanced demon form, he now had the power of fire.

Under these circumstances, he was basically now the king among the Dretches; even if thousands of Dretches rushed toward him, they would all die.

Soran’s figure was somewhat showing!

In the blazing fire, the Dretch form was reborn. A pair of demon’s horns appeared on his forehead and a pair of demon’s wings appeared on his back because of the sudden change. However, the demon wings were not complete, and it was basically impossible for him to fly. At most, like some advanced low-grade demons [Lemure], when sprinting at high speed, it could help them jump higher and sprint faster. Solonn still retained the general form of a Dretch, but he now had many features of a middle-grade demon.

Demon horns and demon wings.

These were the two most obvious signs.

A rush of power gushed out.

After completing the mutation, Solon was now at grade 2 and a monster level of 8.

Right now, his stats had changed:

“Name: Solon

Race: Demon

Form: Dretch [Grade 2] [Elite] [Medium sized creature]

Monster Level: 18

Attributes: Strength 16, Dexterity 14, Constitution 18, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 14, Charm 15.

Alignment: Lawful Evil. (Note: Other demons will be hostile toward you because of your actions.)

Health Points: 36/80

Demon Powers: 0/1000

Skills: Sneak 125, Literacy 50, Intimidation 50, Spellcraft 50, Use Magic Device 50, Listen 75, Detect 75, Search 50

Ability: Demon Claws (+1 Innate magic weapon), Demon Skin (5 damage reduction), Demonic Resistance, Multi-Strike

Spell-like ability: Cause Fear (Once daily), Stinking Cloud (Once daily), Telepathy.”

His powers were becoming greater.

The mutation of his demon gene directly enhanced the basic attributes of Solon, and the further enlargement of his body size also strengthened his Strength and Life Force.

The battlefield became quiet.

It was not a very rare thing that a demon’s mutation occurred, but it happened most often in the blood war with the devils; the blood war seems to make it easier for them to absorb the strength of the enemy. In this small-scale battle, Solon’s mutation was undoubtedly quite remarkable; the chance of a Dretch advancing was less than 1%. After Solon had mutated, it caught the attention of the enemy, and some would come to kill him.

Facing this, Solon did not hesitate to turn around and run; he had just advanced, and his ability and body shape were not at their best yet. Even though he was now in an adult form, his combat capabilities would be affected; his HP was also still low.

Thus the best method now was to let these crazy demons fight each other while he found somewhere to rest for a bit.

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