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Abyss Domination

Chapter 527 - 2 The Rise (4)

Chapter 527: Chapter 62 The Rise (4)

The battle continued.

The opportunity that Solon was waiting for had appeared. It seemed that it was acceptable for him to kill the fire demon, or kill the four-armed snake demon. To him, the power of a Fire Balor could help him rise to the ranks of demon lords, and the ability of a six-armed snake demon could give full play to Soron’s dual-wielding fighting skills. One was a very powerful demon lineage; the other was an advanced form that could inherit part of the fighting skills and strength of the host body.

It seemed that he was not far from great power!

Solon would inherit the fighting skills of the curved sword and dual-wielding abilities. The advanced form of the snake demon could help him recover these abilities easily, and even further master the abilities of Multi-Strike and Multi-Weapon Combat. In terms of the blood war, the snake demon basically would not be afraid at the later stage!

Of course, if given a choice, he would still choose to become a Fire Balor because it had powerful Teleportation abilities.

The snake demon was still a fighter in the end.

Although it had demonic spell-like abilities, the snake demon was still incomparable to the Fire Balor. At Solon’s level, he not only wanted a body that could fight.

Of course, if any snake demon could become a Sword Saint, it would be a nightmare and disaster of the whole multiverse!

The most terrifying combination would be:

A six-arm snake demon + legendary Sword Saint + Multi-Strike + Multi-Weapon Combat + Kai + Critical Strike + Epic Toughen + Expose Weakness + Hurricane…

In theory, this kind of melee combat ability could almost sweep the whole multiverse; the physical strength of the snake demon could make up for the defense defect of the Sword Saint. The weakness of a Sword Saint could be made up by wearing wrist guards, rings, bracelets, etc. on the snake demon’s arms. This was almost a perfect combination of all aspects; the only problem was that it was basically impossible to achieve!

That was because the chaotic nature of the snake demon did not allow it to meditate and train.

(Note: Even though Sword Saints could not wear armor, it could wear wrist guards and rings; six-arm demons could wear equipment and not be affected by the weight.)

The battle was still going on.

However, something seemed to have happened at the side of the battlefield, and the entire battlefield became a mess.

The four-armed snake demon seemed to have realized something, and its attacks became more erratic–exchanging blow for blow, wanting to kill the fire demon no matter what. Solon could not see the other side because no matter perception or vision, the height of the Dretch was just not enough.

This sudden change of events made him even more determined to kill one of these demons.

Chaos continued to spread.

It seemed that the enemy’s reinforcements had arrived, and the demonic army on his side was gradually showing signs of a rout. Solon could not see the battlefield because his field of vision was too small. However, from the perspective of the other Dretches, the reinforcements seemed to be in a large number. The Abyss lord controlled both the Gnolls and Ghouls and had many demons he had recruited. Although his personal strength in the Abyss was not first-class, the scale of his army was superior.

The chaotic nature of the demons led to the uncertainty of the battle!

The bottomless abyss was never short of excellent commanders, but there was a lack of executive power here. Some orders were well, but when they were executed, they were totally different. A lot of demons with funny minds were either rushing forward or retreating. Weak demons were frightened and timid, while powerful demons rushed directly into the enemy’s lines. Currently, the Hezrou’s had rushed to the inside of the Gnoll army while the Dretches were constantly retreating. The armies on both sides had been mixed, and it was a mess.

It was precisely because of this that many abyss lords gave up large-scale armed demons to fight and relied on useless demons to rush the enemy. The real core elite rarely moved out into the battlefield.

The injuries of the fire demon became more and more severe!

There were not many Dretches standing near Solon. The Hezrou gradually retreated because of the serious injury, leaving only the four-armed snake demon to fight on. From the current situation, the four-armed snake demon seemed to have a better chance, because the fire demon was about to die!


A loud explosion was heard.

It seemed that the fire demon had been forced to a corner by the snake demon. All of a sudden, the fire demon’s body began to expand, and the flames moved outward also!

It wanted to explode!

Even though this fire demon did not have the ability ‘Self Destruction,’ it still could self explode to kill everything around it.

The snake demon was already quite injured!

Under these circumstances, the snake demon would be killed by the explosion.

“Right now!”

Solon’s figure flew out, squeezing out all his potential. Now for him, this was a gamble. If he won the bet, he would be able to gain the possibility of becoming a Fire Balor. If he lost the bet, this demon body would be completely destroyed. Not only would all the arrangements for the Abyss be ruined, but Soran’s body would be severely damaged and fall into a state of soul weakness for a long time.

In the blazing fire, Solon rushed directly to the fire demon. The terrible flame burned his skin; if the demon was not born with certain fire resistance, he would be burnt quickly. The intense pain stimulated his nerves, and Solon’s pupils appeared a little bloodshot. He suddenly waved a dagger and jumped up, slashing at the neck of the fire demon in front of him.


If the fire demon did not die, he would die!

He would not have time to run after striking the demon and would be killed directly.

A Dretch was really too weak!

Hot blood gushed out, and the blood of the fire demon was like magma, which directly ignited Solon’s body. At this moment, Solon seemed to be in a frenzy, stabbing at the fire demon with a dagger!

Hot energy appeared.

With the death of the fire demon, the self explosion that was about to be completed seemed to be diffused; instead, that power rushed into Solon’s body.

His body started burning!

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