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Abyss Domination

Chapter 524 - The Rise (1)

Chapter 524: Chapter 59 The Rise (1)

He had finally left the plains.

When Solon walked out of the barren plain, he saw a huge abyssal fault in front of him, under which he could see the hot magma, and in the distance was the flowing Styx river. The Plain of Infinite Portals was the top of Abyss; a barren land where there were no creatures. The land was baked in the dark red sun like hell. There were three kinds of landforms in the dusty wasteland: the great Abyss on the surface, the huge steel fortress, and the Styx river.

The only owner here was the Lord of the wind, Pazuzu. As the oldest Orbis demon, he chose neutrality in the battle between the Tanari demons and the Orbis demons. This powerful demon lord rarely cared about other things, and his favorite thing was to tempt others to fall, especially a righteous paladin. For this reason, he would even try his best to help the paladins.

The lord of wind seldom appeared in front of normal demons and seldom participated in the blood wars.

His evolution of power was now at a limit.

Solon had killed many Dretch along the way, and now his stats were like this:

“Name: Solon

Race: Demon

Form: Dretch [Grade 1]

Attributes: Strength 14, Dexterity 12, Constitution 16, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 12, Charm 12.

Alignment: Lawful Evil. (Note: Other demons would be hostile toward you because of your actions.)

Health Points: 25/25

Demon Powers: 72/100

Skills: Sneak 105, Listen 70, Detect 70, Search 30

Ability: Demon Claws (+1 Innate magic weapon), Demon Skin (5 damage reduction), Demonic Resistance, Multi-Strike

Spell-like ability: Cause Fear (Once daily), Stinking Cloud (Once daily), Telepathy.”

The growth of a demon was very interesting.

It seemed that after a slaughter, their abilities could be comprehensively improved. Solon was now close to the strongest form of a Dretch. There were only two ways to further his powers.

The first method was to pick a class.

Even demons could also advance into a class and learn many profession abilities, but it took more time. It was more difficult for a demon to advance in a profession compared to other creatures.

The second method was to change his form.

In order to do that, Solon would have to kill some powerful enemies and accumulate his demonic blood.

Ultimately he would be able to advance into a Succubus, Hezrou, Vrock, or other middle grade demons!

If he did not like to become a humanoid demon, Solon could also use the power of the demon’s blood to mutate into a Bebilith or a Retriever and so on. It seemed that there were countless possibilities for the demon’s genes. Solon needed more demonic blood to be a catalyst. The weakness of Dretch was too obvious. Even when he was about to have a breakthrough, Solon still had only 25 Health Points.

There was a steel fortress far away.

There was only a small narrow path in the abyssal fault. Solon knew what faith he would have if he left this barren land.

An ant–the Dretches that made it out of the barren land were all very weak.

Magma flowed along the rocks. Just as Solon came close to the steel fortress, a Succubus appeared in front of him.

“You’ve been drafted!”

The Succubus raised the whip with metal barbs and beat it on the ground in front of Solon. The Succubus then said in a haughty voice, “coward Dretch! You are very lucky to be called up by the seventh legion of the Succubus Queen!”

“Fight on.”

“If you survive, you will be rewarded!”

The Succubus did not even ask for Solon’s opinion; in the Abyss, middle-grade demons ruled over the lower grade demons. If Solon showed even a hint of reluctance, the Succubus would kill him instantly.

The seventh legion of the Succubus Queen was recruiting. For a lowly Dretch, the demon in front of him doesn’t even need to use the ability Charm. As one of the most powerful demon lords in the Abyss, the Succubus Queen was also the main force of the Abyss blood war. The blood war here had never really stopped. Every day, new demons would be called up to fight.

However, the Succubus Queen was smart; she would pick out the survivors and train them in her base camps.

The blood war was basically a meat grinder!

No matter how powerful the demons were, there was a possibility of falling. The Succubus Queen had been involved in a bloody war for a long time, but her strength had not been lost, on the contrary, she was growing stronger.

A Hezrou appeared.

It’s glanced at Soran with a chaotic look; as though it was pissed at this Dretch and wanted to kill it desperately.

However, it could not do that just yet.

A new battle was about to start; the opponent was not a demon of Bator, but the army of Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls, the Lord of the 422nd layer of the Abyss. Demonic legions were always in internal strife. Many demonic lords had never stopped fighting. Naturally, their demonic legions were also in constant friction. These battles spread to the abyss plains and the commanders of each army would often look for battles to engage in.

Even though a battle between the demons was about to break out, the Queen of Succubus still decided to fight her old foe!


That’s right! This was how the Abyss was!

Solon’s figure followed a group of Dretch into the barracks. In front of him was a huge steel fortress, in which many war machines were placed.

Even though demons relied on their sheer numbers to win, the Queen of Succubus put a lot of emphasis on war machines.

It was a mess inside the barracks.

Solon even saw Hezrou fighting each other. It was a fight to the death, and the loser was likely to die under the opponent’s hands.

No-one stopped it, on the contrary, the Succubus commanders would look on with excitement!

Almost all of the officers here were Succubus; most of them female as male Succubuses were rare.

A group of Dretches was driven into the barracks. Everything in the camp was in chaos; instead of looking like a proper, well-trained army, the group seemed more like a bunch of thugs.

Other than superior numbers, there was no other advantage!

Around the evening, before the battle began, the Dretches were allocated some food; a large group of Dretches scrambled chaotically, some even killed each other.

Facing this kind of situation!

Solon quickly cast a spell without hesitation.

“Cause Fear!”

Even though it was a low-level spell, it was very effective against the Dretches; these cowards all ran away.

This attracted the attention of a nearby Succubus officer.

She took a surprising look at Solon, then she took out a dagger, threw it in front of Solon and said, “very good!”

“From now on you lead them!”

Solon was now in a higher position.

From a lowly Dretch to a leader of Dretches!


Indeed! That was how simple demons were!

This was the bottomless Abyss, the most chaotic and evil place. There was practically no order here.

After being drafted, Solon immediately got a position.


This was not important. What mattered was if he could survive tomorrow’s battle against the demon army controlled by the Prince of Gnolls.

If he could survive the battle, then he would be able to climb the ladder of power!

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