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Abyss Domination

Chapter 511 - Scheming Behind the Scenes!

Chapter 511 - Scheming Behind the Scenes!

A week passed in a flash.

Everything seemed to be back to normal. Civilians began to live a busy yet peaceful life. The Priests were working hard to improve their doctrines. Their daily prayer schedule was full. With the restoration of a part of the ability of lower grade divine spells, the operation of the temple became completely normal. Soran did not carry out radical reform in the temple’s system like Modor City. The reform of Modor was only his personal problem, but if the temple changed too much, it was likely to attract the attention of other gods.

At present, the operation system of the temple was similar to that of other gods, and the high priest was basically able to handle many things properly.

The divine power points were increasing bit by bit.

Soran absorbed the feedback energy from the Kingdom of Gods, which made him gain nearly 100 divine power points after entering the Pantheon.

Without a doubt, these divine power points were used to master the shard of divinity ability [Change Form].

The speed of divine power gathering was very slow. At present, believers could only get a little less than one divine power point every day. These divine powers were barely enough to enhance their power. But if they wanted to expand the half-plane to transform into a kingdom of God, they would become quite inadequate. Because the divine power still needed to be consumed, the greatest expenditure of divine power consumption was to grant the priest divine spells. In the era of the Avatar Crisis, even the powerful gods had to control the number of priests who they gave divine spells to.

Therefore, Soran could only give the faithful priests first, and then control the level of divine spells.

According to Soran’s calculation, at the temple’s current scale, he could accumulate about 300 divine power points in a year, which was enough to promote him to a [Minor Divine Power]. But, if he wanted to establish the half-plane and the kingdom of God, it was not enough.

The investiture was completed.

Soran naturally wanted to develop his own small half-plane.

In other words, this was a different dimensional storage space, but only a little portion of it has been opened up, and he found that the divine power it consumed was quite serious-less than 100 cubic meters of space, incredibly consumed close to 10 divine power points.

With this, Soran could not help but give up the idea of completely depending on the divine power to open up the half-plane, because the energy consumption was too large. Maybe they could only wait until they deciphered the knowledge of the Arcane Empire and open up space with the support of the elemental plane.

Gloria was studying the [Elemental Pool].

Almost all of the half-planes would open a channel to expand with the help of the energy from the elemental plane!

The investiture ceremony was over.

Everything was gradually back on track. The military parade planned by Soran was going on in full swing, and the Treasure Island had also sent back the first batch of spoils.

A lot of things have happened in this period of time.

Autumnfall seemed to have been temporarily rigid. Eugene and Earth Walker were fighting head-on. Neither side has gained the advantage. It was unlikely that the half-elves wanted to recover the lost land.

The Red Dragon Duchess of the Principality of Rossad has recently been mobilizing frequently. Intelligence said she had signs of going to war against neighboring countries!

The rest of the news was unimportant.

At present, Soran was most concerned about the Principality of Rossard. The Red Dragon Duchess chose this time to fight against the neighboring countries, which made him sense a trace of conspiracy.

It would never be that simple!

As it approached the end of June, the turbulent atmosphere became more and more intense. After stabilizing the situation of the temple, Soran was finally able to free up his hands to do other things.

After the completion of the investiture, he had to keep a low profile for a while, at least until the Avatar Crisis officially began. When the Avatar Crisis breaks out completely, and other gods turn into their Avatar Forms and walk in the world, he would not be so noticeable at that time.

So, he would continue to stay in Modor City for the rest of his time.

In the study, with a quill pen in his hand, Soran recorded on the file that it was only six months before the Avatar Crisis broke out.

These six months were his last chance to accumulate.

At the end of these six months, when all the gods fought without restraint, there would be no chance to accumulate their foundation anymore.

The first thing: naturally, the military parade would be held soon, which was to show its strength to many other forces, strong enough to frighten the enemies in the dark.

The second thing: even the aborigines near the peaceful Modor Island, Soran was going to take down the inlaid part of the island, and eventually expand their territory by about twice the size.

As early as a long time ago, he had sent people to explore the nearby aboriginal tribes.

This process could not be carried out too quickly to avoid the direct hostility of the Storm Lord temple and too much shock to the Amazonian Female warriors. Soran planned to complete it within half a year, and it would finally take all the land near Modor Island and Treasure Island completely. The gods served by these aborigines should also be able to provide Soran with divine points of about 20 and shard of divinity points of about 10.

This was currently the fastest way to advance in addition to challenging other gods!

The third thing: it was about opening the shadow plane of the Wizard Tower. Gloria and the Fallen Witch have been on it for a very long time and were about to break the critical parts of the Wizard Tower’s half-plane. As long as the half-plane was broken, they could enter the insides of the Wizard Tower. Soran now had the Avatar Form. It was easy to explore the Wizard Tower left by the Arcane Empire, so he would cooperate with them to take down the Wizard Tower.

These were the three things on the surface.

If he wanted to do these things well, Soran had to stay in Modor City!

However, within his secret plan, there was another important thing to do.

That was to go to the [Bottomless Abyss]!

In a quiet room.

Soran glanced at Lulu, who was sleeping at the foot of the bed. The little cat girl curled up into a ball, and her mouth was glistening with saliva. There was a gentle smile on Soran’s face. With a gentle gesture, he flew over a soft blanket and carefully covered the cat girl. Since Vivian fell asleep, she has rarely left here. She has been guarding her side faithfully and dutifully, which has greatly increased Soran’s affection for her.

Vivian was still in a deep sleep.

Her strength was getting stronger day by day, and Soran’s worries were getting bigger day by day!

There were not many Sons of Fear who have survived. Now, Vivian’s strength was probably close to a high grade legendary, which meant that most of the power of the Dread Lord had been integrated into her body. These powers did not belong to Vivian. Unlike Soran’s power that was obtained by massacring others himself, Vivian’s powers were completely from the Dread Lord. Now the breath of the Bottomless Abyss was denser and denser. Soran was worried that she would be dragged into the Bottomless Abyss if she went on like this, and even let the Dread Lord revive directly on her.

Something had to be done!

The body of Dread Lord was in the deepest part of the Bottomless Abyss. In a place called [Dread Lord’s Throne], the core soul of the Dread Lord was sealed in it.

The most powerful demigod demons in the Bottomless Abyss were there!

Only by destroying the [Dread Lord’s Throne] would this terrifying God die completely, and Vivian could safely inherit the Dread Lord’s Divine Title.

But, even with Soran’s current power, it was very difficult to destroy the [Dread Lord’s Throne]!

Because it was inside the inner parts of the Dread Lord’s Kingdom of God.

If the power of fear congregated further, the most likely thing that would happen was to forcefully drag Vivian into the inner parts of the Dread Lord’s Kingdom of God!

Soran had to do something in advance.

As a newly born new God, Soran going to the Bottomless Abyss alone was quite dangerous, and even more dangerous than when he had not ascended into a God.

Because the demon lords coveted his divinity!

The body of a god was like a torch. Soran might be discovered by the powerful demon lords no matter how hidden he was. The rules of the Bottomless Abyss itself were extremely chaotic, and many demon lords were naturally hostile to the gods of his [Evil Order] alignment.

Vivian’s fate could not be changed!

She and the Dread Lord were destined to have only one alive. In order to protect Vivian, Soran might even need to lower his Kingdom of God into the Bottomless Abyss.

Because the other demons lords also coveted the power brought by the Divine Title of Fear!

Soran could not enter the [Bottomless Abyss] at all now although it was possible to create an order domain in the midst of such chaotic grounds. The good succubuses, and even the [Son of Hell] who was looking for salvation, but all in all, they could not hide that it was still shrouded in chaos. Soran was the enemy all over the Bottomless Abyss. The only thing he could do now was to scheme in the dark. Then the Bottomless Abyss would be a chess game of his own.

Using a sentence to speak, it was called “building a pavement in the open, scheming in the dark!”

When everyone thought that he was accumulating strength silently in his Modor City, his tentacles had already reached into the Bottomless Abyss, ready to bury a chess piece of his own.

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