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Abyss Domination

Chapter 28 - Awakening

Chapter 28: Awakening

Translator: SaltyTank Editor: SaltyTank

Dragon Disciples were the quintessence of sorcerers. They would awaken to dragon-type gifted abilities and magic spells with the flow of time, eventually strengthening their dragon blood to the point where it replaced the human blood within them, turning them into half-dragons, which had greater Strength than humans.

Dragons were often believed to be the origin of all sorcerers due to the nature of their growth. They didn’t need to learn anything; the knowledge was imprinted into their brains the moment they were born. As dragonlings grew stronger, they would awaken to the previously inaccessible knowledge in their brains. This in itself was a powerful feature of dragons.

Many wizards had wanted to investigate and discover the secrets to the genetic traits of the dragon race. If they succeeded, it would mean that the wizards themselves could pass on their knowledge to their offspring in a similar manner as dragons. Without going through the lengthy process of understanding the very nature and structure of spells, their offspring could simply awaken to the knowledge passed on from their parents. Back in the game, Soran once accepted the request of a wizard whose aim was to capture a white dragon in order to study it.

Now that he knew Vivian had the innate talent of a sorcerer, a new question arose—how high was her Charisma?

Sorcerers were stronger the earlier they awakened to their talent. Typically, they began awakening when they hit puberty, at around the age of thirteen. These sorcerers had roughly 16 Charisma, as the chances of one awakening as a sorcerer were low if they only had 15 or below Charisma. The awakening of their powers indicated that their affinity was strong enough to cause changes in the surrounding elements and energies, and they would learn their first Level 0 spell during significant emotional change.

They would also gain the ability to control and intervene with external energies as a result. Similar to how newborn dragonlings only began awakening to their powers and draconic spells during their juvenile stage (thirty to fifty years old), sorcerers would only awaken to their first Level 0 spell during puberty.

The earlier one awakened, the greater their talent would be. Awakening one year earlier than average 1 point more in Charisma, with 16 Charisma at the age of thirteen being the norm. Awakening at twelve years old implied that the person had 17 Charisma, and so on and so forth.

Vivian was just eight. According to the above formula, she should have 20 or 21 Charisma.

“How is this even possible?!” Soran was stunned to the point that he could no longer suppress his emotions. “Isn’t that like the template of a divine sorcerer? She could even advance her profession to fate sorcerer!”

Just how high was her Charisma? Soran was greatly troubled by this question as he was unable to confirm Vivian’s attributes.

Attributes played a great role in one’s combat strength. It was not possible for one to gain stronger powers when levelling up their profession unless their attributes met the profession’s requirements, which was why their starting attributes hugely affected people’s futures. Before becoming demigods or obtaining divinity, the strength of those who reached the Realm of Legends was largely dependent on their initial attributes; by that time, one, if not two, of their six attributes would have reached 25.

“Damn! Where did my Attribute Detection go?”

Soran scratched his head with a distressed expression. Back in the game, players had a detection skill which allowed them to view others’ attributes, though the accuracy was dependent on the skill’s level. Soran would most likely only get a rough estimation if he activated the skill, but it would be enough for him to determine Vivian’s current attributes. Now that it seemed he was the only person in the world who knew about the six attributes however, there was no way that the detection skill remained.

Contrary to his expectations though, a data log suddenly appeared:

“Attribute Detection activated!”

“Do you wish to quantify the target’s attributes through calculations?”

“Pay 300 Soul Energy (Slaughter EXP) to proceed... The basic attributes of the target will be calculated and quantified to numbers.”

“More detailed data will require more Soul Energy.”

_300 Slaughter EXP? Isn’t that a bit too high?_ Soran thought.

Looking at the confused Vivian sitting next to him, he had no choice but to grit his teeth while paying the valuable EXP to activate his skill. It was only 300 Slaughter EXP after all, and learning Vivian’s attributes was a more important matter right now; he could probably earn the EXP back after killing a few gnolls anyway.

Soran was born with 18 Dexterity and 17 Intelligence, both of which were further buffed by 1 point thanks to his other abilities, but Vivian might have even better attributes than him.

“Calculations will now commence!”

Soran blacked out for a moment, a crackling pain surging through his head. Many 0’s and 1’s were densely packed as they flickered and danced around in his brain, a feeling which he had experienced for half a month before obtaining this new body. The feeling of helplessness as he could only lay still, with data flowing and strong electric currents shocking his body from the inside whenever he attempted to move, was quite familiar.

“Calculations successful! Consumed 300 Soul Energy.”

“Attributes of the target are as follows:

Name: Vivian

Race: Human

Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 9, Constitution 6, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 18, Charisma 21.

Others: Unknown.

Target organism is currently in the stage of growth. Main attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution) will greatly increase, while side attributes (Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma) will slightly increase as time passes. All attributes will stop increasing after reaching the stage of adulthood.”

21 Charisma—it was 1 point higher than what Soran had expected.

Additionally, Vivian had a shocking 18 Wisdom. Now that Soran knew about this, it was rather obvious why the priestess back in the Dawnlight Shrine said Vivian had exceptional talent in becoming a priestess. With 18 Wisdom, becoming a priestess would be a breeze—that was a fact, not an exaggeration.

“Big brother?”

Noticing Soran’s pained expression, Vivian worriedly grabbed his hands and asked anxiously, “What’s going on? Are you feeling sick again?”

The flow of data gradually faded from Soran’s sight. Perhaps he was already getting used to it, as seeing all the numbers flickering did not made him feel sick right now.

He gently patted Vivian’s head as he smiled and said, “I’m fine.

“But Vivian will surely grow up to become a legendary person! Maybe even a gorgeous beauty who could overthrow nations!”

21 Charisma.

18 Wisdom.

16 Intelligence.

Furthermore, these were the initial stats of a young girl who was still growing up. From his past experience, the main attributes would increase by at least 5 points, while side attributes would increase roughly 1 to 3 points before reaching adulthood.

These initial attributes would put even Soran’s extraordinary template to shame.

As always, Vivian could not fully comprehend what Soran was telling her, but she still blinked and looked at her brother with a happy face.

“Brother, are you saying I’m pretty?”

At the same time, in a hidden chamber somewhere within Amber City.

The eerie blue flames on the altar flickered all of a sudden, and a black shadow appeared from within the exploding flames. As if swallowing light itself, nothing could be seen within the phantasmal dark shadow despite the glow from the flames on the altar.

“Honourable High Priest!” The followers of the fallen who were guarding the altar knelt on one knee, and the leader, who was wearing a red robe, bowed as he asked the shadow, “May I ask why you came here personally?

“Perhaps thy lord has given us a new prophecy?”

The phantasmal shadow seemed more like a projection of energies of some sort rather than a physical body. It coldly glared at those kneeling below him and said in a deep voice, “The first Descendant of God has already awakened!

“The prophecy did not come true. My lord’s will did not descend onto the Descendant of God.

“The first Descendant of God awoke to his divine powers on his own!

“Heed my order. Find him at all costs! Wake the Knights of Terror from their slumber and send them out!

“Crush the mere ants who dare to oppose our will! Lead the Descendant of God back to his rightful destiny, and I shall see him awaken to his full power in horror and despair!”

The dark shadow gradually disappeared. The red-robed priest had a crazed look as he licked his lips while looking at the eight marble coffins surrounding the altar. The marble coffins were decorated with numerous complex patterns which seemed to be strong seals. The priest glanced at the altar with a cold and brutal look before shouting with a hideous smile on his face, “Find more sacrifices!

“Tomorrow at noon, we shall commence the ritual to awaken the Knights of Terror! This city shall face utter destruction before dawn!

“We shall spread fear and terror to all places!”

* * *

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