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75 Cheng Yao

“Even if I have money, it’s someone else’s money.” Cheng Fei smiled. He looked at the time and said to Yin Tao, “Why don’t you eat here before you leave. My cooking skills are not bad. Save my number. If you’re bored in the future, you can look for me directly.”

Yin Tao happily agreed and took down Cheng Fei’s phone number. Looking at Cheng Fei’s back view in the kitchen, Yin Tao felt that he had the potential to be a good life partner and parent.

“Brother Cheng Fei, are you and Yaoyao the only ones living in such a big house?” Yin Tao leaned against the kitchen door and asked Cheng Fei.

Cheng Fei paused his cutting. He turned to Yin Tao and replied, “It’s mostly just the two of us. Sometimes, my friend will come back, but he will tell me in advance.”


Yin Tao became more and more curious about the friend Cheng Fei mentioned. Her intuition told her that this person was definitely related to the black market.

Yin Tao couldn’t help much in the kitchen. It was obvious that Cheng Fei cooked often and was extremely skilled.

Yin Tao walked out of the kitchen and roamed around the house nonchalantly, all the time keeping a keen eye on anything that might be a clue.

The entire hall was lavishly furnished, but it lacked personality and was clearly a standard interior decor template. Yin Tao felt that the owner of this house probably didn’t live here much, it lacked a homely feel.

The living room was too empty, and Yin Tao couldn’t find any clues. Looking at the busy Cheng Fei in the kitchen, Yin Tao walked over and asked, “Brother Cheng Fei, can I see what Yaoyao is doing? It’s so boring to be alone.”

Cheng Fei looked at Yin Tao with a smile and felt that she was very similar to his sister. He nodded and said, “Go ahead. The second room on the left on the second floor. You guys stay upstairs for a while. I’ll call you down when the meal is ready.”

Yin Tao quickly walked up to the second floor and deliberately avoided Cheng Yao’s room. Yin Tao checked the other rooms and eliminated the changing room, study room, and guest room. Yin Tao stopped at the door of a room that was clearly occupied.

“This should be Cheng Fei’s room. Why is it so far from Cheng Yao’s room?” Yin Tao muttered and carefully walked in.

The room was very tidy, just like Cheng Fei’s previous rented apartment. He had carefully tidied it up. Yin Tao did not freely rummage through Cheng Fei’s room and only checked the closet.

“These aren’t Cheng Fei’s sizes right?” There were some pajamas and sleeping gowns in the closet, but the sizes were different. Some were suitable for Cheng Fei, and some were not his size. It was obvious that the owner of the clothes was much taller than Cheng Fei.

Yin Tao felt that even if these clothes belonged to the owner, they shouldn’t be placed in Cheng Fei’s bedroom. Puzzled, she checked the drawer of the bedside table.

Yin Tao was shocked as soon as she opened the drawer.

“How can there be so many?” Yin Tao looked at the small boxes neatly arranged in the drawer and became more and more puzzled. Even if Cheng Fei had such a need, he wouldn’t have prepared so many boxes of condoms at one go.

“Could it be…” Yin Tao suddenly thought of something as she closed the drawer and walked out the door. She carefully walked to the stairs and glanced downstairs. When she saw that Cheng Fei was still in the kitchen, she felt relieved and knocked on the door before entering Cheng Yao’s bedroom. i𝐧𝓃𝒓𝒆𝑎𝙙. 𝘤𝘰𝚖

“Big Sister Xiaotao!” Cheng Yao smiled when she saw Yin Tao.

“Your brother is preparing food, so I came up to see you.” Yin Tao glanced at Cheng Yao’s desk and noticed that there was a painting on her desk but no textbooks.

Cheng Yao was embarrassed and covered the painting while smiling awkwardly.

“It looks very good. Did you draw this?” Yin Tao praised Cheng Yao. Seeing the little girl slowly move her hands away, Yin Tao couldn’t help but sing her praises, “It really looks good. Yaoyao, you’re very good at drawing.”

Cheng Yao was very surprised to be praised by Yin Tao, and a happy smile appeared on her face. “Really? Sister Xiaotao thinks my painting looks good?”

Yin Tao took another look at Cheng Yao’s painting. It was a boy with a bright smile. Although it was just a simple pencil drawing, Yin Tao could tell that the person Cheng Yao had drawn was Cheng Fei.

“It’s really nice. You drew your brother, didn’t you?”

Hearing Yin Tao’s words, Cheng Yao forcefully nodded her head and said to Yin Tao, “My older brother used to smile like this a lot in the past, but after an accident happened at home, he rarely smiled like this anymore.”

“An accident?” Yin Tao still didn’t know what the siblings had gone through.

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