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Accepting Fate

“The murderer didn’t leave behind any other clues. Could it be that we can only start from Wei Feng’s social relations?” Yin Tao looked at Feng Jing who was looking solemn.

“Hmm, forensic doctor Yin, was your younger sister close to Wei Feng?” Feng Jing asked.

“Not too bad. Yin Ning and Wei Feng’s younger sister, Wei Jie, are good friends, so they met each other more frequently.” Yin Tao didn’t understand Feng Jing’s intentions, he shouldn’t have any reason to suspect Yin Ning.

“Wei Feng’s memorial service is in three days, will you go?” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao and asked.

“My family will be there, so I’ll pass.” Wei Feng’s memorial service was a grand occasion where the male and female protagonists and the supporting cast would gather. Yin Tao didn’t want to get involved.

“Come with me as a friend of the deceased, it is much more convenient than going as a police officer,” Feng Jing continued to say to Yin Tao. “This is the best opportunity to investigate Wei Feng’s social relations.”

Yin Tao knew that what Feng Jing said made sense, but she still wanted to refuse. She didn’t know why many of her plans were disrupted whenever she was with Feng Jing.

“Alright, Yin Tao. Investigate Wei Feng’s hobbies and habits when he was alive. There are still many suspicious points about him.” Su Ning’s words left Yin Tao with no reason to decline.

Yin Tao resigned herself to fate and left the funeral parlor. When she returned to the police station, she saw Bai Luo beaming with joy.

“Xiaotao, guess who came to our police force?” Bai Luo acted mysterious and winked at Yin Tao.

“Feng Jing?” Yin Tao looked at the shocked Bai Luo and asked, “What benefit does he bring?”

“What’s up with you? How did you manage to guess that?” Bai Luo pulled Yin Tao’s arm and asked suspiciously, “Wait a minute, we only met Feng Jing once, at the entrance of the barbeque shop last time. Didn’t you say that you weren’t familiar with each other?”

“Indeed.” Yin Tao didn’t want to get close to Feng Jing. “We just met at the funeral parlor. Why did he transfer to your division two?”

“Oh, Captain Feng seems to be here to handle Wei Feng’s case. Wei Yuan, chairman of the Wei Corporation, is devastated by his son’s death. Feng Jing and Wei Feng seem to have some friendship, so he asked Captain Feng to participate in the investigation.” Bai Luo looked at Yin Tao and continued, “Captain Feng had already taken the initiative to apply for a transfer to City A. The case he had on hand seems to be related to City A. So when he got involved with Wei Feng’s case, he transferred to our branch earlier.”

When Yin Tao heard Bai Luo’s words, she fell into deep thought. In the original novel, Feng Jing seemed to have been investigating a kidnapping case related to his brother. It seemed that Feng Jing’s goal had not changed, but in the original novel, Wei Feng had also been kidnapped.

Yin Tao was shocked when she thought of this. Could the murderer who killed Wei Feng and Brother Feng Jing be the same person? But for some reason, the plot had changed.

Yin Tao felt a headache coming on. The description of these cases in the novel wasn’t very detailed and didn’t provide her with any help.

“Xiaotao, I just heard from Captain Chen that Captain Feng is treating the people from our division two to a meal tonight. Do you have anything else to do? Do you want to come with us?” Bai Luo saw Yin Tao’s worried expression and thought that she was still brooding over the case. “You have to relax a little. Don’t push yourself up too hard.”

Yin Tao really did not want to see Feng Jing again. She felt that the plot of the original novel would still happen if she stayed with him.

“You guys go ahead. I’m a little tired. I’ll go back to the dormitory to rest first.” After bidding farewell to Bai Luo, Yin Tao walked straight back to the dormitory. Just as she entered the door, her cell phone in her pocket rang.

“Dr. Yin, are you still at the police station?” Captain Chen’s voice came from the phone.

“Yes, I’m in the dormitory.” Yin Tao suddenly had a bad premonition.

“That’s good. Captain Feng and I are at the entrance of the police station. Captain Feng is giving us a treat today, so let’s talk about the handover of work. Pack up and we’ll wait for you at the door.” Captain Chen said in one breath, not giving Yin Tao a chance to refuse.

Hanging up the phone, Yin Tao sighed helplessly. “I can’t avoid it no matter what. Forget it, there will be more contact in the future.”

Yin Tao resigned herself to fate and changed into a white sweater. She picked up her backpack and went downstairs.

Seeing the tall figure at the entrance of the police station, Yin Tao braced herself and walked over.

“Captain Feng,” Yin Tao looked around, “Where’s Captain Chen?”

“Captain Chen and his disciple left in the same car. You can take my car. The restaurant has already been booked.” Feng Jing opened the door for Yin Tao in a gentlemanly manner. Yin Tao was a little reserved in the passenger seat. They were very quiet in the car and Yin Tao did not want to take the initiative to talk to Feng Jing.

“You look young. Why did you choose to become a forensic doctor?” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao sitting beside him. She looked like a student, and the thought of her holding a scalpel still felt very surreal.

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