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“Do you know each other?” Captain Chen asked Yin Hao with a smile when he heard the conversation between Yin Hao and Feng Jing. “Are you Dr. Yin’s elder brother?”

“Yes, thank you for taking care of Yin Tao,” Yin Hao said politely as he looked at the middle-aged police officer in front of him.

“Hey, don’t underestimate your younger sister. No one in our division two dares to doubt Dr. Yin’s professionalism. As her family, you should be more understanding. Dr. Yin is very hardworking.” Captain Chen didn’t understand when he heard that Yin Tao’s family didn’t seem to approve of her work. If he had such a hardworking daughter, he would definitely support her.

“Really? I’ve never seen Xiaotao at work.” Yin Hao was also very happy to hear someone praise his younger sister. He turned around and asked Feng Jing, “Feng Jing, can I go over and take a look?”

“Sure, this is not the original crime scene. There are no clues left behind.” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao who had already changed into a white coat and got a little curious too.

The three of them went closer and saw Yin Tao skillfully examining the highly decomposed body while taking notes with the police officers beside her.

“There’s water in his lungs, and the body is severely decomposed. His face is swollen, and his chest and abdomen are bulging. The time of death is about five to seven days.” Petite Yin Tao was half-squatting in front of the tall and bloated decomposed body. The scene was very discordant.

Feng Jing observed that Yin Tao didn’t even bat an eyelid. Indeed she had the professionalism of a forensic doctor. Even though he was a distance from the body, the stench was still a little pungent. Feng Jing frowned slightly and turned to look at Yin Hao. He wanted to ask him if he needed a mask, but he realized that Yin Hao looked sick.

“Are you alright?” Feng Jing asked worriedly when he saw that Yin Hao did not seem well.

Yin Hao held back the urge to vomit and took a few steps back. He smiled bitterly and said, “I’d better go back to wait in the car, I shan’t be in Xiaotao’s way.”

Before Feng Jing could respond, Yin Hao immediately rushed back to the car.

“Hahaha, Xiaotao’s elder brother isn’t doing too badly. Two of the police officers who were involved in hauling up the body threw up earlier too,” Captain Chen said with a smile when he saw Yin Hao leave in a hurry.

“That’s right. Not everyone can remain calm in the face of such a body.” Feng Jing looked at the busy Yin Tao with an intrigued gaze.

“Captain Chen, the deceased’s identity has been confirmed. It’s Wei Feng’s driver, Li Chao.” A police officer walked toward Captain Chen with a file.

“That’s impossible, Captain Feng. Wei Feng’s case is getting weirder and weirder.” Captain Chen looked at Li Chao’s information and frowned. “Didn’t Wei Feng’s driver send him to the hotel yesterday? How could the body be so badly decomposed?”

“If Wei Feng was picked up by Li Chao after he left the gathering, then the earliest time he was killed was last night. The body would not display bloated cadaver symptoms.” Feng Jing carefully thought about the case and felt that it might not be that simple. “There’s only one possibility. The person who picked Wei Feng up last night wasn’t Li Chao at all.”

“Then we have a lead on this case. The person who picked up Wei Feng last night is the biggest suspect in this case!” Captain Chen got a little emotional. He turned his head and saw Yin Tao walking toward them after making notes of the scene.

“Captain Chen.” Yin Tao finished her survey of the scene and removed her gloves. “The rest of the work needs to be done in the autopsy lab. I’ll update my master and then head to the autopsy lab first.”

“Alright, I’ll go back to the police station first. This case is closely related to Wei Feng’s case. I’ll go back and sort out the clues so that I can hand it over to Captain Feng.” Captain Chen glanced at Feng Jing and said to Yin Tao, “Forensic doctor Yin, I wanted to introduce you to him. I didn’t expect you to know Captain Feng.”

Yin Tao smiled awkwardly. “Uh, we’ve met a few times before.”

“It’s good that you know him. It’ll be easier to liaise with each other on work in the future,” Captain Chen said to himself. He didn’t notice the uncomfortable expressions on the two of them. “Captain Feng was transferred from the province. He’ll be working in our branch for a period of time. He’ll take over Wei Feng’s case in the future. I’ll have to trouble you to assist Captain Feng with his work.”

“Alright, sure.” Yin Tao smiled helplessly. She still couldn’t escape the fate of being with the second male protagonist. She hoped that he wouldn’t pick on her just because he liked Yin Ning.

Looking at Feng Jing’s cold and handsome face, Yin Tao felt uneasy in her heart. Life would be tough for her if he picked on her, so she should try her best to avoid him in the future.

“Captain Chen, go back to the police station. I’ll send Dr. Yin to the autopsy lab.” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao and found that she seemed unwilling. He found it even more interesting. This girl seemed quite happy when she saw the body, but she acted like she had seen a ghost when she saw him.

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