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Forensic Doctor

“Rest well. If you have time, go comfort Wei Jie. I don’t think she will be able to walk out of this anytime soon,” Yin Tao said kindly.

Yin Ning frowned unhappily and said in an indignant tone, “I know. You don’t have to worry!”

Yin Tao shrugged her shoulders. Not wanting to argue with Yin Ning, she walked out of her bedroom.

“How is it?” Yin Hao hurriedly asked when he saw Yin Tao coming down the stairs.

“She’s fine. Brother, I’ll go back to the police station first.” Yin Tao picked up her backpack and got ready to leave.

“Dad will be back soon. Let’s have dinner together tonight.” Yin Hao felt sorry for Yin Tao, who was alone outside. He wished that her relationship with her family could be a little more cordial.

“Forget it, Big Brother. I don’t think anyone in this family, other than you, is willing to eat with me.” A bitter smile appeared on Yin Tao’s face. 𝒊𝓃𝗻𝘳𝘦𝐚𝐝 𝒄o𝓶

When Yin Hao heard Yin Tao’s words, he felt even more upset. “Don’t say that. Let’s eat at home. I’ll cook.”

“I…” Yin Tao’s words were interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. When she saw her master’s caller ID, she hurriedly answered the call.

“Hello, Master.”

“Yin Tao, a male corpse was found in the river at the back street of the old city. I still have some matters to attend to. Go to the scene first.” Su Ning gave simple instructions for the location, and Yin Tao did not dare to procrastinate.

“Brother, I have work to do for the police station,” Yin Tao said as she walked toward the entrance.

Yin Hao picked up his car keys and chased after Yin Tao. “Brother will send you. It’s not easy to hail a taxi outside our house.”

Yin Tao didn’t decline. The back street of the old city was a long distance from the Yin villa. Taking a taxi would indeed waste a lot of time.

“Has another corpse been found?” Yin Hao was speeding, he could tell that Yin Tao was a little anxious.

“Eh, the corpses were hauled from the river. There have been many homicides in City A recently .” Yin Tao didn’t know if this case was related to the previous serial murders, but the possibility wasn’t high. It was impossible for Zheng Jun to commit a crime under the surveillance of the police.

“Xiaotao, aren’t you afraid?” Yin Hao never had an opportunity to touch a corpse. Just thinking about it made him feel uneasy. As he looked at the petite Yin Tao in front of him, Yin Hao couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Brother, how can you ask a forensic doctor if he’s afraid of corpses?” Yin Tao smiled at Yin Hao and said in a light tone, “Don’t worry, I’m very professional.”

“Alright, I’ll get out of the car later to take a look as well, to understand my sister’s work environment.” Yin Hao had a new understanding of his sister again.

“Alright, but it’s best if you stand further away.” Yin Tao was a bit concerned about Yin Hao’s mental endurance. “Corpses hauled from the water are usually in bad shape.

“It’s fine. You’re a young girl and you are not afraid. How can a man like me be afraid?” Yin Hao was not bothered.

Yin Tao then recalled that she had encountered a charred corpse before she transmigrated. At that time, many of the men present couldn’t take the sight and ran outside the police cordon.

She did not know if Yin Hao’s endurance would be better than those rookie police officers.

As the crime scene was relatively remote, there were almost no onlookers. Yin Hao and Yin Tao got out of the car together and saw a familiar person standing not far from the police line.

“Feng Jing?” Yin Hao walked forward and greeted Feng Jing.

“Yin Hao, you… and your younger sister?” Feng Jing was extremely surprised to see Yin Hao and Yin Tao appear at the crime scene together.

This place was remote and usually no one would pass by.

“Dr. Yin!” Captain Chen walked toward Yin Tao, carrying a tool box.

“Captain Feng, this is our branch’s forensic doctor, Yin Tao.” Captain Chen saw Feng Jing’s surprised look and quickly explained, “Although she’s young, she’s very very capable. She’s Old Su’s favorite student. Don’t worry, I can vouch for her ability.”

“You’re a forensic doctor?” Feng Jing knew that Yin Tao worked in the police station, but he never thought that he would meet her under such circumstances.

“Intern forensic doctor.”

“Brother, you guys have a chat. I’ll go make notes of the scene first.” Yin Tao took the box from Captain Chen and walked towards the river.

“Yin Hao, why haven’t I heard that your younger sister is a forensic doctor before?” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao as she left with the box. It had been a long time since anything had surprised him like this. He didn’t know what expression Lin Jia would have when he found out.

“Oh, Xiaotao wanted to become a forensic doctor herself, but the family didn’t approve of it. There was some unhappiness previously.” Yin Hao was also a little surprised when he heard the police officer’s appraisal of Yin Tao.

Seemed like not only can this younger sister of his be a forensic doctor, she can be an excellent one at that.

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