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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 8 - CH. 8: New Class

"I…" I took a deep breath to prepare myself. "I'm sorry... I can't accept you as you are now. As much as I love a yandere girl, I can't tolerate a potential threat to any of my women."

Two lines of tears streamed down Aimi's cheeks from my rejection. Her expression despairing as if her whole world collapsed right in front of her.??

I honestly couldn't come to hate her, even with the fact she murdered me. Heck, she was the reason I could meet someone like Klyscha. But I don't want her hurting any of my potential lovers, yet I couldn't find it in my heart to just kick her away. She was there for me, standing between my enemies and me like a wall.

I brushed my fingers across her cheeks to clear the tears. "Idiot, stop crying. A bodyguard like you is always welcome in my home."


A beautiful smile formed on her face as she looked ready to jump at me.

A giant red heart floated above her, followed by millions of bit-sized hearts. The sea of hearts left me baffled until a strange sound interrupted me.


[–Aimi Akane: Affection +200]

[–Aimi Akane: Affection +7]

[–Aimi Akane: Affection +5]

[–Aimi Akane: Affection +8] 𝒾n𝘯𝒓𝙚а𝑑. 𝓬𝑜𝙢

[–Aimi Akane: Affection +6]



–'Aimi Akane' added to the Partner menu


–New class 'Mature Lover' available to equip in Class menu

(My love, congratulations on getting a another woman!)

'I, what the fuck!? Klyscha, I rejected her for now, didn't I?'

(In the deepest corners of your heart, lays a possessive desire for her.... That is also the reason I brought her soul back before it faded and sent her to you. Also, her loyalty and strength are unquestionable, which will contribute a lot to your goal.)

'Okay. I still need to keep her tamed.'

"Wait! I have one condition." I assumed my business face, a cold expression reserved for any outsider. "If you ever try to harm me or anyone without my permission, I swear I'll mail you back to Klyscha."

"I promise, I promise…"

She wrapped her hands around me and began sobbing. Her mouth kept repeating about keeping her promise in a broken voice.

I was also enjoying the melons pressing against my chest.

Like this more than five minutes passed. I reluctantly pushed her away before taking a glance at the clock planted on the wall.

"Fuck! It's already nine. I'm gonna be late! Wear some clothes. We are leaving after I change!"

"O-Okay, understood."

I dashed for the bath and took a quick shower before changing into a casual red shirt and jeans. Today was bound to be bloody anyway.

After getting everything ready, we both called for a ride to Fujimi Academy. While sitting in the car, I glanced at Aimi, who busily looked around as if searching for some threat. That's how she was, always on alert. Her vigilance saved my life on more than one occasion.

I quietly gulped my dry saliva. She looked amazingly hot right now. The gray sports jacket with onyx black sleeves barely hid her melons. The more attracting part was the black miniskirt and grey stockings which revealed the alluring 'absolute territory'. Looking closer, both of her pockets had strange bulges. I shook my head when I realized this woman was carrying weapons.

A typical yandere... But it's gonna be helpful today.

She turned toward me and showed a thin smile. If I didn't know about her before, I might have begun stalking her. Since I had nothing to do, I brought up the system Class function to check my new spicy class.

[—Classes available (Can only equip three at a time) ...]

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