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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 6 - CH. 6: Heavenly Path

When I urged Klyscha to show the system, many lines of texts emerged in my vision.

[List of functions accessible in 'Heavenly Path']??

–Status:?Quantify the current attributes and skills of the Host.

–Class:?Class like RPGs affects the overall strength and grants some exclusive class related skills.

–Partners:?Lists all the current partners of the Host.

–Shop:?Grants access to the Archive of all Creations in existence.

–Worlds:?Shows the lists of Fictional and Non-fictional Worlds accessible to the Host.

I nodded at the self-explanatory functions. Status must be like the board which shows the levels and stuff in RPG. Abilities should be the powers and skills I gain later. Partners must be the harem members and then lastly, a shop function for buying artifacts and weapons and Worlds for transporting into the anime worlds.

(Indeed, my love, first wear the clothes at your feet.)

She reminded me that I was still naked. I hastily grabbed the red shirt and black pants from the ground and dressed myself. I sat down on the floor and waited for her explanation.

(Umm, you look handsome. I'm tempted to go another round… that aside, your thoughts are true. But the functions are not as simple as they look. For partners, it works like the dating sim games you played.)

"Like the affection measuring system?"


"That is impressive."

(With the Shop function, you can buy anything ever created. Even Excaaaaalibur!")

Artoria-chan! Now I wanna visit Fateverse!

(First, let me finish my explanation. Say open status in your head.)

'Open Status'


Asahi Saijō Lvl. 1

Current Level Progress:?0/100 XP


Race:?High Human











Klyscha's blessing (Special):?The blessing granted by the strongest Goddess in existence.

—My love, get stronger! (E-Rank):?Grants an 10% increase in experience and an increased recovery during sleep.

—Destruction! (EX-Rank):?If the host's life is in mortal danger, Klyscha will force the host to transfer back to Heaven and destroy that enemy along with everything in the world.

I'm a high human now? And this skill would be considered top-class in any RPG, but that last one is scary. Klyscha will become yandere at this rate.

"Klyscha, can you remove my last name from here? I don't want to inherit it. I'll think of a new one later."

(Okay... As you can see, you are now a high human after drinking amrita... They are a race well suited for casting magic spells. The rest about stats you already know, ten is for an average human.)

Indeed, High humans is one of the best races in any RPG. Although I lack physical raw power, I might be able to make it up with my high magic stats. The best thing about them for me is their lifespan!

While I was celebrating my pseudo-immortality, Klyscha continued her explanation.

(This is your positive Karma left after consuming amrtia. Every point of it is precious. You can only earn it by doing something good.)

"What is the use of Karma?"

(You see, the shop function in heavenly path needs Karma in exchange for the item you want to buy. Now open Worlds list.)

'Open Worlds list related to anime'

As I whispered in my head, another list of texts popped out into my vision.

–The fictional worlds related to 'Anime'

-Absolute Duo (A-Rank World)

-Naruto (SSS-Rank World)

-Danmachi (S-Rank World)

-One piece (A-Rank World)


I had to give my all to stop myself from screaming my heart out. These fucking anime worlds are real.

(Of course, they are real since they are created through people's imagination. Only you can access them because your wife is the Goddess of Dreams.)

Already admitting being my wife. This loli was more than she showed. A bright grin formed on my face. Tearing away the mysteries satisfied my ego.

"Thanks, I'll try to repay this favor with my body."

(...Okay… Later. Now going to any of these Worlds needs a very small amount of Karma. But with Heavenly Path, you can change anything in that world, even the laws. Every change will require an equal amount of Karma. This can only be done before going to that world.)

"Wow, it means I can kill any character before even going there?"

(It will require Karma. If the character has a great influence on the World, you'll need a high amount of Karma... Onto the next part, my love needs to be careful and choose a low-level world to level up.)

"I know, I don't want to suffer the fate of typical young masters… Even so I'll need high level foes to level up, or maybe I'll compensate with quantity…)

A world with a high number of enemies and good waifus… Got it!

I scrolled through the list for one of the finest creations in mankind's history.

—Highschool of the Dead (D-Rank)

Weak, if I must say but the mob zombies are uncountable and added with the power of Karma, I'm invincible baby!

I mentally chose the World and new texts formed in front.

—Highschool of the DeadDescription: On a normal day, a virus breaks out everywhere in the World. People began to turn into zombies. Society collapses in one day. The remaining survivors must survive in a post apocalyptic world where they must become the hunters (Who murders others and zombies) or get hunted by them.

[Accept]? ?[Modify]

Of course modify, I need to do it or it might get boring in the long run.

—Write down the changes…

My lips arched upward in what anyone would call a scary smile. Heck even I was scared after glancing at the mirror.

(My love, keep smiling like that…)

I ignored the lovestruck goddess and concentrated on the unimaginable changes I wish to bring to that world.

After tinkering around for half an hour, I looked at my masterpiece world. Below my wish, there was a new confirm button.

[Confirm & Pay 12000 Karma]

I released a sigh and pressed confirm in my mind.

(As expected of my love, you created an amazing world for the most efficient grinding… even the woman.)

"I gotta use my head from now on," I whispered and suddenly the surroundings turned blurry and my vision went completely black.

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