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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 25 - CH. 25: In The Bath (R-18)

Aimi slid the door and came inside the bath in nothing but a white towel wrapping her voluptuous body.

My brows furrowed as I glared at her. "Why are you running in a towel when there are three boys around?"??

I let them stay here since I trusted them and also I would look like a hypocrite if I only let girls stay on this floor.

She pulled up the towel and her cleavage disappeared. However, the towel clung to her chest giving form to two dots.

"Those three are helping out others in barricading the house from all sides. So I… I thought maybe we could bathe together … it will save water..."

I chuckled lightly at her failed attempt at giving excuses. She just wanted to seduce me here.

"Hop in."

She nodded as her hands let go of the towel. The fine large tits spilled free, with an astounding size and ripe roundness, each one stood firmly completely ignoring the laws of gravity. A pale pink areola surrounding her jutting nipples. Her flat abdomen held traces of muscles, likely the result of her training, and her amazingly wide hips and extra thicc thighs stole my gaze.

She stood there with a wide grin. Then stepping past the towel, she approached with her massive rack jiggling.

"Asahi-sama, do you like this?"

"What do you think?"

She brought her leg up to showcase her fleshy mound and the juicy pink lips glittering from her juices and with a wild grin, she reclined against the small bathtub.

"I think Asahi-sama likes it~" She chirped and her gaze descended on my erect cock. Her eyes bulged in surprise... "Big…"

Of course, it would get a reaction from a beautiful woman's naked body.

With both hands, she tugged her curly bangs behind her ears and smirked.

"Let me comfort it with my mouth."

She waited for me to nod, which I did happily.

Her hands sneaked closer, wrapped around the base of my cock. She sucked in a deep breath, stretched closer, and sticking out her tongue, she licked the tip before pressing her lips on my cock.

My body jerked momentarily, which she surely noticed and smiled. Then she sloppily put the tip within her mouth, causing her cheeks to bulge as the cock filled the small mouth.

She moved her hand gripping the shaft, massaging it with her hands, and bounced her head down. Thick saliva surged around her tongue and drenched my cock and before long a hot sensation enveloped my entire cock as her mouth reached the base of my cock.

She already took the monstrous cock on her first attempt and didn't gag! Though her techniques weren't the best, the passion with fiery tongue wrapping every part of my cock more than made up for it.

Slouching against the tub, I gazed at her head bobbing in a tempo that made my spine shiver about from pleasure.

Thankfully, the water was shallow, so she wouldn't be choking anytime soon.

I pushed my hand on her head and played with curly grey hair. She looked up holding my cock, a hint of pure satisfaction in her scarlet eyes.

"Good girl. You are doing a great job."

She pulled back her mouth with a pop and beamed a wide smile.


[—Aimi Akane: Affection +2]


[—You have exceeded 500 Favorability points—]

Shut up! Let me enjoy this moment!

Hot sighs tickled my cock as she gasped for breath, looking up at me with a passionate gaze and tears brimming in her eyes.

"Thanks, Asahi-sama." She said with tears sliding down her cheeks. "I also love it, it is warm. Sho warm. I-I love every part of it! I can't believe... I'm finally doing this!"

I nodded and quietly patted her head. Maybe that was what she needed. Her sole reason to live was me after all. It made me appreciate her even more.

She smiled and lunged back into blowjob, making lewd wet sounds with each bob. I groaned while enjoying the scene of her pink lips sliding down my glistening cock deep into her throat and her slick fingers playing with my balls.

I lost track of time while being pleasured by her adorable little mouth. She licked every drop of precum leaking from the tip and her delicate hands gently stroking the shaft, all with a completely infatuated expression.

I couldn't hold on anymore! Why was she so adorable? I pulled her head, shoving my cock deep as possible, I released everything. She gagged on the thick cum blasting from my dick.

I panted while she tried to swallow down my cum, collecting the extra on her palms.


[—Aimi Akane: Affection +3]

"Ashahi-shama…" She slurred and swept her tongue over her lips. "It's delishicious."

Sweet girl! That's my adorable girl. How come I never noticed her charm before. I might have fucked her silly back on her Earth.

And my cock turned hard from her sweet gesture.

"Wanna do it here?"

I asked since it might be her first time. I doubt her hymen would be safe after training, but who cared about those!

She nodded and rubbed her cheeks on my cock sensitive after cumming.

"Anywhere is fine with Asahi-sama."

"Well, the—"

I paused hearing the door opening before pushing down Aimi's head and turned toward the gate.

"Jeez, I can't believe that little girl is so cute."

"She is stupid nonetheless."

"Shiori is right and Saya, do you expect a six-year-old girl to be a genius?" 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

Shiori and Saeko entered the bath, followed by Saya. Three of them only sported a single towel on their mature bodies.

"Aimi, stay down," I whispered and smiled toward the girls. "Hey, I am still here."

Saya stared at me for a good while. "Haah?!"

She squatted and hugged her chest. "W-Why are you here?"

"Are you stupid?" I grinned. "Shouldn't I be asking that? You three, no, four barged in here without checking beforehand."

I stared at Shizuka's bosom peeking from the white towel, her creamy thighs struck the perfect balance between thiccness and slenderness.


She held the towel and trotted toward me. She really wanted to come at me here!

Fuck no! I would get caught like this. Not that I feared it or anything, but my good boy image would be ruined!

Think Asahi, what can you do to get out of this clichéd harem situation...

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