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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 19 - CH. 19: Aimi’s Mistake

I and others killed our way to the school building. For the better or worse part, we didn't encounter any powerful undead. That thing might be an anomaly among them.

Rei seemed to have awakened magic that boosted her physical strength and speed. Now, what would Busujima sisters obtain as their powers???

On the way, Saya glanced at Aimi and me, her eyes curious and a frown etched on her face.

Aimi never introduced herself, nor did I bother to do it. This mysteriousness attracted the other boys even more, except Komuro, who got traumatized by Aimi's brutality.

As we arrived at the stairs, another familiar scene occurred.

Why is the plot following me?

Cursing, I released Shizuka's hand and delivered a gruesome kick to the undead harassing the students.

The undead flew, and with a splat, it slammed into the wall, splattering blood on the stairs.

Oops, must control my strength.


[—You earned 11XP from killing Level 1 Cursed Undead]


[–Saeko Busujima: Affection +18]

[–Shiori Busujima: Affection +5]

Disregarding the students gaping, Saeko's piercing gaze and Shiori's hard to decipher smile, my daggers flashed and accurately stabbed the forehead of the four undead.


[—You earned 11XP…]

[—You earned 11XP…]

[—You earned 11XP…]

[—You earned 11XP…]

This Saeko seemed a bit different from the series. This one had a more detached aura. Did the presence of a twin sister change her more than I expected?

Well, it's more interesting this way; otherwise, easily obtaining her affection would be boring, no?

None of the students looked bitten. My dagger was ready if they had a single wound on their body.

"Aniki! What should be done to these students now?"

Wait, was that Kohta? Why is he calling me Aniki?

Strangely, no one found it weird as they all looked at me, waiting for my decision.

So I'm treated as a leader now.

"We should take them," Komuro spoke up. "The bus will have enough room for them."

"We are not leaving any student behind." Shizuka asserted with a stern face.

I gave a half-shrug. "Sure."


[–Shizuka Marikawa: Affection +9]

"Thanks, Aa-kun."

"It's not like we can save everyone, you know."

Saya's whisper didn't escape my senses. The battle with the undead changed her, or the magic influenced her thoughts?

It was better to get used to this anyway.

Now, with the extra baggage of five students, we proceeded to the locker room and in mere seconds to clear the path here before we exited the school building.

The horde of undead already began to surround us—XP here, XP there.

My lips smacked together in glee and my steps. "Saeko, Shiori, lead the way! Aimi and I will guard the back!"

"That's an easy thing, Mari… Asahi-san, I'll call you that."

"Leave it to us sisters~"

The twins charged and started to slaughter the undead. From offense to defense, their movements synced flawlessly. Rather than fight, it was more like a beautiful dance.

Dance of slaughter.

The rest glanced at me, no, the girl standing beside me before they followed the clear path carved from the onslaught of the twins.

"I know I'm handsome, but saving your life should be the priority, right?"

She folded her arms across her bountiful bosom, and her face drew a troubled frown. "...? Should I help out with my new power?"

"Why ask me? It's yours to begin with." My eyes stretched wide in horror. "Don't tell me the genius Saya Takagi is asking for permission?"

"Stop acting full of yourself, stupid!" She huffed and stomped away. "I'll figure it out myself."

"Asahi-sama… are you into masochism?"


Aimi giggled then turned to me. "I'm sorry. I just couldn't help it. I know she is what people call tsundere."

Slightly annoyed, I spanked her ass. "I'm not an M. That aside, do you have any bullets left?"

She coughed, trying to hide her crimson cheeks. "Two magazines, that's all I have."

"Good, then let's go."

I sprinted on a path littered with corpses; some had arms or legs twisted, and a few had their skull cracked open like a watermelon.

Achieving this feat with a wooden sword, the Busujima twins certainly packed a punch in their slender arms.

'Klyscha, can I view the stats of others?'

(You can buy the equipment for one fifty Karma points.)

'Do it.'

Instantly, something appeared in my hands. I buried that into my pockets and drew the daggers tucked into my belt.

Saya casually sent tiny balls of fire that blasted away a bunch of undead and entered the bus.

"Hurry, or we'll leave your stupid ass!" Shouted the tsundere.



From the side, a group of students rushed toward our bus. This was the same group that came under shit teacher Shido.

Where is he anyway?

As I searched in the crowd, his figure appeared in the back. A loud chuckle escaped me as I suppressed the urge to laugh.

Shido's lanky legs stuttered as he ran for his life from the large burly undead.

Since the young students ran faster, they arrived in only a few moments. I graciously opened the door for them and waited for Shido.

"Aimi! Shoot the undead! We don't have time." Saying, I signaled Aimi with my gaze.

She took a moment to realize the meaning. "... Asahi-sama, but my aim…"

"Just do it otherwise that undead will wreck our bus," I requested desperately.

Her trembling hands aimed the pistol. Shido saw the gun and looked relieved as his legs sped up.


Aimi pressed the trigger, letting loose the firepower of a modern weapon. Shido stopped in his tracks and spread his arms wide.

"Thank— Ugh!"

Blood burst from his forehead, trickling down the nose and onto the floor. Eyes nearly popping out of sockets, he collapsed.

I wanted to applaud Aimi for such a perfect aim, but the play must continue.

"Aimi, how can you miss? You accidentally hit the poor Shido." I scolded, and she shrunk in fear.

"I'm sorry, Asahi-sama. I… I'm so useless." Tears trickled down her cheeks, she apologized and cocked the gun on her head. "I will kill myself to make up for it."

I snatched the pistol from her. The weight felt bulkier than I imagined. Shrugging, I targeted the undead and pulled the trigger.


The recoil of the weapon was devastating, making many of the shots miss. However, luck seemed to favor me today as one bullet coincidentally hit the undead's head.


[—You earned 44XP from killing Level 4 Cursed Undead]


I quickly boarded the bus with Aimi and ignoring the utterly shocked looks of students, I sat on the seat left to the driver.

"Nee-san, drive."

"Aa-kun, I." Shizuka hesitated before forming a grim expression. "Okay, but the controls are a bit different from my car."

After tinkering around for moments, where Aimi and Saeko repelled the undead, Shizuka managed to start the bus.

Crushing, trampling, and smacking the undead, our bus exited the main gate of Fujimi Academy.

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