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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 18 - CH. 18: Level Up!

I sighed at Shizuka's question.

"Shizu nee-san, we'll talk about that later. First, these corpses that are attacking others, and the magical power Takagi showed? What do you all think about it?"??

I poked her puffed cheeks. She turned her head in response.

This childish cuteness combined with the charm of a sexy woman came into one wholesome package called Shizuka.

"Is it like a disease?"

"...A pandemic?"

I shook my head at the reasonable guesses of Komuro, Rei, and Kohta.

"Is it like those curses from fictional novels?"

Someone smart appeared. Oh, wait, it's Shiori, who was sitting beside Saeko. These twins look even more gorgeous together.

"It's similar. You could call this the evolution of the world or something along the lines. We could call the power Takagi and Miyamoto used as Magic power or Mana in short. These undead are." I shrugged. "I don't know what caused them to become one?in the first place."

Saeko leaned back in the chair and folded her arms. "How did you come to know about this?"

I scratched my cheeks at her question. "Well, a Goddess named Klyscha came to my dreams and told me about this. She even gave me these magic weapons."

I held the frost bead dagger and showed them the glacial blade skill. This, when paired with the supernatural charm of a High Human and the magic Saya used, was enough to earn their trust.

The room fell silent as everyone hung their heads to digest the information.

Well, it's not like I cared if they believed me or not. I just wanted to make sure that Saeko, Shiori, and Shizuka understood about this new world, which I think they did.

Two hands draped over my shoulders and rubbed, kneaded and massaged them, clearing away my mental fatigue.

I might fall for Aimi at this rate.

Taking a glance at Kohta's envious gaze, I shook my head.

"The media must be showing something."

Rei grabbed the remote and switched on the television. It showed a beautiful reporter relaying the information about the 'Riots' occurring in every part of Japan and that the leaders would make a speech over this.

This was all bullshit! I bet they were busy saving their asses.

The bodies lying behind the reporters rose before the gunshots came, silencing them. The reporter panicked, and the screen glitched, becoming blank shortly after.

There goes another potential Milf.

"Don't be surprised. As I said, these outbreaks are happening everywhere in the world." I assessed the panic in the eyes of everyone except Busujima sisters. "Not all hope is lost. Everyone can use magic and resist the curse. But from what I have seen today, females have a higher resistance to this curse compared to males."

"Then I think we should first make sure about the safety of our family."

Saeko spoke of the worry everyone here had. Shiori also nodded her head.

From what I remembered from manga, Shizuka or my parents were overseas for a tour. Komuro lived near Takagi Estate. Rei's house was located somewhere around the East police station, while Saeko's father went abroad for a Self-defense conference.

My first goal was leaving Komuro, Rei, Kohta, Kazu Ishii, and any other survivor I encountered at Rika's house. This would give me the opportunity to level up around the world with these onee-sans. But I needed to work hard to make Saya agree.

Rika Minami.

Another beautiful onee-san I like from this show!

"Sure, we'll need a school bus to house this many." I smiled at Shizuka. "Shizu nee-san can drive, right?"

"Yes, I can."

"We have to wait for Takagi to wake up."

My body melted on the sofa. Everyone might think I'm reluctant to leave because of the godly massage by Aimi. That too, and I had much more to do right now.


[—Aimi Akane: Affection +5]

'Open status.'


Asahi Marikawa?Lvl. 3

Current level progress: 251/400 XP


Race:?High Human

Class:?Loli Lover, Mature Lover


Strength:?46 (+16)

Dexterity:?56 (+21)

Constitution:?56 (+6)

Defense:?70 (+10)

Charm:?140 (+10)

Magic:?264 (+14)

Karma:?50970 (+272)


Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are +3, Defense and Charm +5, and Magic +7 for every level I gain.

'Klyscha, let's go over the attributes. Strength determines the explosive power I can produce with my body. Dexterity is the maximum speed, the ability to adapt to this speed, perception to sense enemies, and reflex for improving my reaction time. The Constitution stat determines my health, natural recovery, and stamina. Defense for my magic and physical resistance while Magic is my mana pool, and last, Charm should be my ability to attract the opposite gender and persuade others.'

(Indeed. Keep in mind that your race and job skills heavily influence your current charm status.)

'I thought as much. With this stamina, I can easily handle every girl here.'

(Yes, that is my Asahi. Who never stops?thinking with his lower half.)

'I never do that. You are the one who always tries to seduce me.'

I opened my eyes?and discovered Saya's finger twitching.

She recovered fast.

Her eyes opened as she got sat up and looked around, confused by her situation. Suddenly, she grimaced and clutched her head wrapped in gauze.

I placed my hand around her back to support her.

"Hey, are you all right?"

"... Mirakawa-san? I… I'm fine. Where is this? Why is my head so wrapped up?"

"Calm your head and think about what happened before you passed out."

She followed my advice and closed her eyes, trying to remember her last memories.


[—Saya Takagi: Affection +15]

She turned toward me and smiled. "Thanks for saving me."

'What?! Are my eyes mistaken? The tsundere is actually?going dere!'

I also showed the signature smile I cultivated for years to attract the women.


[—Saya Takagi: Affection +4]

"Are you ready to walk, or should I carry you?"


[—Saya Takagi: Affection +1]

"N-No, I can walk."

She squirmed on the table, feeling uncomfortable from my hand. I smiled and called it a day, or she might go all baka on me.

"Then let's move out."

No response.

I swept my gaze over to the rest and noticed the awed stare on their faces, a thumbs up from Shiori, and a calm gaze from Saeko.

I didn't bother clearing up this misunderstanding and moved out while holding Shizuka's hand.?After all, weak onee-san must be protected.

(Even at nights!)


Now then, it's time to meet the shit teacher...

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