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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 17 - CH. 17: Butterfly Effect?

[–Saya Takagi: Affection +45]

That was way more than I expected. I checked Saya's pulse and breathed a sigh of relief.??

"Whew, made it just in time."

I whispered and eyed the ugly undead approaching despite the football-sized hole in its chest.

It was the strongest undead I came across today, and more importantly, it was about to kill the beautiful tsundere, Saya.

After listening to her scream, I rushed here expecting the scene where Saya used that drill to kill the zombie, then why the hell did it come to this!?

Why were these two idiots not on the roof? Why was Saya here with them instead of being with fatty Kohta, who I found almost getting his ass eaten by another zombie?

The virus's initial outbreak and necromancy effect should be the same, no?

Was this the so-called butterfly effect? My innocent former self changed this whole show with sheer suaveness?

"Aimi, keep it busy for a while."

Aimi nodded and charged at the undead while I admired the girl unconscious in my hands.

Even in sleep, she oozed the presence of a tsundere.

'Cute and sexy…'

In the face of death, she awakened ferocious magic, befitting her fiery personality. It made even a High-human like me green in envy.

Is this the so-called Mana exhaustion?

(Yes, my love. This girl overused her mana. But with enough training, she will get better than controlling the output to conserve her mana.)

I shook my head to clear the excessive rage and turned my gaze.

Hisashi Igou groaned as his undead body crawled toward us. This undead most likely crushed his spine. He got the ending he most feared, huh!

I slid my hands under Saya's knees and picked her up in the legendary princess carry!


The wooden sword crushed the skull of Hisashi.


I paid my respects to the friend-cum-enemy of Komuro and placed the sleeping princess into the trusted hands of Shiori.


Rei and Komuro rushed at their childhood friend, which I ignored.

"Look after her and Shizu-nee san, treat her wounds. I'll go finish it off."

Not waiting for their reply, I darted forward and stopped behind the undead, trying its hardest to hit Aimi.

Aimi could kill it even in her sleep.

(I can destroy the world in my sleep.)

'No, girl, you don't! I'll fuck you silly when I sleep tonight.'

(I-I'm prepared.)

Suppressing my anticipation, I kicked the ground and raised my hands equipped with frost bead daggers.

"Frigid flash."

My hands moved on their own will, and the daggers danced elegantly as they slashed at its back of the head in turns,?six hits at the same spot. The thick skull grew weaker and weaker. I held up the dagger in reverse grip and performed the final flash.


With an audible crack, the skull broke open. I swiftly tilted my head to avoid the blood spraying from the wound, and my feet hit the ground.

This guy was a real musclehead.

This active skill consumed a bit of my stamina. Did that all happened in a real second?

(It happened in nine-tenth of a second.)

Well, I didn't need to use the skill. However, I needed battle experience, or I would have to rely on Aimi all the time. It wasn't something I wished after getting the system.

I wanted to get stronger and fuck the real body of Klyscha!



The ground shook when the dumb undead collapsed.


[–You earned 66XP from killing Level 6 Cursed Undead]

Level 6, huh. That's why it wrecked the newbie magician's ass.


[–Saeko Busujima: Affection +25]

[–Shiori Busujima: Affection+10]

Nice! The sadistic onee-san enjoyed my show of violence. Why are their affection points linked? There must be an intriguing backstory here that I must discover.

That's in the future, for now, my throat is dry.


I grasped the bottle near my face and gulped down the cold water. With my thirst quenched, I gave a smile to Aimi.

"Thanks a lot."

My affection points for her increased by 20 just now.


[–Aimi Akane: Affection +2]

Rei already started to cry in Komuro's arms. Kohta and Kazu Ishii conversing while sneaking glances at me.

Guys, don't go that route. I won't mind being friends, anything more than that is a no!

Saeko gazed my way with a smile while Shiori helped Shizuka in dressing up the wounds of Saya.

I wouldn't be surprised if my angelic onee-chan awakened the holy magic.

"Let's rest in the staff room for a while." I glanced at the corpse of Hisashi. "We don't have time to mourn the dead now."

My high charm worked like a flawlessly here.

Rei reluctantly nodded. Sigh, I never hated this girl, doesn't mean I liked her. Komuro got to be with her, and that's all that matters to me.

After the treatment ended, we all took shelter in the staff room, the place with books, chairs, tables, and a plasma television mounted on an on the wall.

Komuro and Kohta blocked the door with a table. Nice! You guys aren't so useless after all.

I swept the books on the table in the center, which got a surprising reaction from everyone.

"We'll leave after Takagi wakes up, just rest in the meantime."


[—Saeko Busujima: Affection +5]

[—Shiori Busujima: Affection+3]

Nodding, I walked over to the window and examined the sight outside. The smoke rising in the distance, the undead roaming on school grounds, and lastly, the parking area comprising the buses and cars.

I shook my head, grabbed the chair held by Aimi, and rested my exhausted ass.

I could proudly proclaim being a young master wasn't all good. I never worked this much even if it was for a milf, but here I am working on saving asses.

"Aa-kun, tell me where did you get those weapons? How can you be so good at using them?"

I glanced at Shizuka, who leaned toward me with a stern expression, but the hint of worry on face didn't escape my eyes. The others in the room turned toward me as if waiting for my answer.

It appears frigid flash skill was slightly out of the norms for them.

What bullshit should I feed these guys?

Then a plot of a particular novel flashed in my mind, lifting my lips in a wild grin...

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