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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 11 - CH. 11: [Frost Bead Daggers]

While I finished the zombie, Aimi had also taken care of the other one. My gaze went over to the roof of the school, and as expected, a black-haired student was standing there, gaping with wide-open eyes.

He was the protagonist, Komuro Takashi.??

Strange, my eyesight wasn't this good before. Another trait of High Human?

About Komuro, he should be warning his girlfriend now, but here he was, entirely shaken by the situation. It didn't happen in series so that the only reason could be the slaughter we committed here.

I waved my hand at him. "Go and tell others about this! Evacuate as quickly as possible!"

I warned him since I didn't hate the guy. He had my sympathy for losing the woman he loved over his hesitation.

I turned toward the gate about to break from the sheer number of zombies pushing it.

As much as I loved to grind, fighting hundreds of them wasn't possible until I learned some magic that required some practice.

"Aimi! We are retreating."


I sprinted toward the stairs to the building with Aimi following on the right. Her right hand held a jet-black short sword and a pistol in her left hand.

Where did she even get the gun here? And more than that, where did she hide that less than a meter short sword.

Noticing my confused gaze, she turned her head. "Klyscha-sama gave the weapons to me."


'Klyscha, buy the weapon most suited for me.'

(Sure. It would cost 450 Karma. Don't worry about the price. My love already earned 6 Karma points from the zombies... The higher the threat they impose on the world, the more Karma you will receive from killing them. Just keep killing them to become stronger!)

'The higher the level, the higher the Karma I will get. Alright.'

[450 Karma deducted for creating 'Frost bead daggers']

[Frost bead daggers]

Rank C weapon

Effects: Strength+10, Dexterity+15


—Frigid Flash (Active skill): Launches an equal of seven attacks within a second.

Condition: Has a cooldown of 1 minute.

—Glacial blade (Active skill): Consumes mana to coat the edge of the blade in a thin layer of frost, which causes the enemy's blood to freeze.

Condition: Depletes 3 Mana points every 1 minute.

Instantly, my hands became heavy from the weight. I halted my steps and examined the daggers that came out of nowhere. Both of them had the same looks; a slightly curved hilt with black snake-skin texture, a guard with sharp spikes, and finally, the blue blade with exotic engravings, it was curved nicely like the daggers used in medieval Khanjar. The skills weren't that useful for ordinary people, but my magic pool was already high, and it would also help me prevent from getting too bloody in long fights.

"Asahi-sama, they are coming."

Her reminder brought me back to reality. I followed where she pointed to find three zombies approaching from the stairs leading to the school. They all had torn school uniforms and creepy black eyes.

"Aimi, guard me if anything goes on."


At least my Yandere bodyguard had my back. With her assurance, I clenched both daggers and whispered,

"Glacial blade."

That chant stirred something inside me. I felt it moving through my hands, and suddenly, a freezing wind burst forth, making me shiver. The blade now gleamed with cold blue light as it radiated visibly cold air.

Even this works the same as those Isekai.

Now prepared, I rushed toward the stairs as fast as I could. Everything passed like a blur, and in another moment, an unbearable smell hit me, turning my happy mood into sour.

I need to get accustomed to it.

I was already in front of the zombies. Not wasting my momentum, I leaped over the first few stairs. Adrenaline rushed to my head, and the time seemed to crawl as my dagger touched the neck of the zombie in the middle.

Is this the infamous bullet time?

I mused, and right away, a strange sensation came through the dagger, which didn't last long.

It was the feeling of cutting through flesh...


The head rolled down the stairs, near my legs, and with another noise, the headless corpse fell. I swiftly kicked the one on the left, knocking it down the stairs and thrust my dagger in the forehead of the left one, directly piercing its brain.


It let out sickening noises, even with a wounded brain, it tried to grab me until I pushed the dagger even deeper.

"At least I gave some powers to women, or these shitty zombies would have eventually finished off the world."

I whispered and finished the last one.


The new notification almost made me yell in excitement.

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