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A Cliché Multiverse Story

Chapter 1 - CH. 1: THE LOLI GODDESS

I, Asahi, am just a 'normal' filthy rich high schooler who just happens to love Anime and Manga especially Isekai ones. And one day, I chanced upon a lifetime opportunity to change my whole boring life for the better or maybe worse...

What is it, you ask???

Haha, I won't tell, for I'm one of the sickest bastards alive.

*Sigh* You are so persistent. Even a Yandere's obsession pales in front of you.

Back to the present, this place was something I never came across before. It could only be called infinite darkness with only a kaleidoscope swirling with black and white with a mirror embedded in its dead center.

The mirror wasn't static. What played on it were my past memories.

"Like hell, I will be fazed by something like this. I lived a rather dull life which used to be the norm on my planet."

My whisper was unheard, or not… The mirror in Kaleidoscope shattered into pieces and a black hole appeared and devoured the seemingly endless Kaleidoscope.

I let out a sigh. I admit I had my fair share of sad moments like when a sexy widow rejected my confession. Why Yukino? Why did you not accept it? You broke my fragile heart into millions of pieces.

The arrival of a mysterious woman? disturbed my thoughts. Why mysterious? Cause I can't even discern her features. A silvery liquid hid her whole body. Her features changed constantly from fat to slim, from short to tall and from young to old.

"Miss, excuse me for asking a rude question." I took a deep breath. "What the hell are you? Shouldn't there be a milf with big boobs to welcome me; who will eventually fall for my endless charm and marry me? I'm sorry to say that you aren't my type."

The woman stayed silent for what felt like a minute before she replied, "I am Klyscha, the Goddess of Dreams."

My eyes narrowed at the Goddess. "The fuck? Isn't Klyscha supposed to mean 'Cliche' in Sweden? What type of cliche are you?"

Not to brag, but all kinds of books fascinated me. I was one hell of a bookworm! Fluently reading more than one hundred languages came naturally to me. It was then that my eyes took in more light than usual.

Holy hell!

The silvery liquid around the woman dripped on the ground and when it was completely drained, a surprising sight was revealed.

"A LOLI!!!"

The woman who I thought to be not my type, was totally my type!

Her true form was a girl of thirteen or fourteen with silver hair almost touching the ground. She stood at about 145 cm or something along the lines. Her body was covered in a silver baby-doll dress. Yet my unique skill 'God Eyes' discovered her body had curves where it mattered the most—supple thighs and a hefty ass. This skill was cultivated after stalking dozens of legal lolis, hundreds of onee-sans, and thousands of milfs. A little exaggerated, but you get the gist.

Her big silver eyes were getting teary as she stared at me.

Who the hell made this loli cry!?

Jokes aside, I can't let a loli cry. For I, Asahi is a devout follower of ten loli commandments. I bent in front of her and wiped the tears staining her dangerously cute face.

"What made you bawl your eyes out now? If it was me then I apologize."

Her head rapidly moved side to side. "I, I am… Klyscha, not cliche."

Did my joke hurt her so much?

"I am sorry for calling you that!"

She nodded her head. "It's alright. I can feel the sincerity in your apology. Can you accompany me for a bit?"

She waved her hand and in the following moment, the surroundings changed. Though I expected her to be an overpowered goddess, the miracle still left me stunned for a good while.

The luscious and fresh smelling forest, birds singing sweetly on the trees, and the sun radiating a warmth came together as a perfect scenery.

"This scene is from your wish," Klyscha replied, noticing my dazed state.

This girl is… so cute!

My hands flew, wrapped around her, and embraced unnaturally warm body. This is better than my hug pillow!

"Thank you, Klyscha."

She struggled to break free but after several seconds, she let me toy with her body. I was not lewding the loli, just rubbing my cheeks against her smooth cheeks.

This is pure bliss.

Even I had my own set of morals, in which 'Not forcing any girl' took the top place.

After several minutes, I almost fell face first when Klyscha faded into particles. She appeared on one of the two chairs around the round table. I walked over and rested my butt on the leftover seat.

Klyscha, sitting opposite to me had a serious face. I was anything but serious. Who would be when a legal loli struggled to open a large bottle of booze?

What a klutz, can't she use her divine powers or something to open it?

As if answering my thoughts, the cap flew itself and Klyscha poured the liquor in two glasses. I grasped one glass and brought it near my lips to taste.

So fucking delicious!

The divine liquor almost melted my throat and as it reached my stomach, it procured a large ball of heat. I clutched my stomach as the pain numbed my nerves. However, my heart tempered through dozens of cruel rejections easily withstood the hellish pain.

While fixing Klyscha with my gaze, my teeth gnashed with each other, stopping any potential groans. And soon, I experienced a great change in my body, the bones on my body twisted along with the muscles, the pain became agonizing enough to twist my expression.

But… I refused to cry in front of a girl. A true man won't cry before a loli, legal one at that!

After what felt like an eternity, the pain stopped. I curled my fist over and over. My knuckles cracked with a surge of power which I never had before.

"So my guess was right, it was the usual Xianxia and Novel bull to make me stronger for what's to come, right?"

Klyscha calmly nodded her head and began her explanation. "This place is where people with high karma, like heroes who have a large amount of Karma appear. And Asahi, you are one of those."

My head tilted a bit in confusion. "Why do I have this Karma? I don't think I'm one of those heroes. I'm just a filthy rich young master obsessed with Otaku culture."

Klyscha shook her head. "You…"

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